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6 Advantages of Bankruptcy

6 Advantages of Bankruptcy


When hearing the term bankruptcy, most people always have a negative feeling about it. And the same people don’t ever wish to experience such dilemma. Indeed, it’s a sign of failure. But despite that, filing a bankruptcy has advantages as well.

Here are some advantages of bankruptcy:

1. Easy elimination of debts

People and companies who file bankruptcy immediately eliminates their debts to creditors. This includes any form of unsecured debts like large medical bills and credit card expenditures. If you think you cannot handle such debts anymore, then filing a bankruptcy would be a wise choice.

2. Foreclosure and repossession prevention

If you don’t file bankruptcy on time, there’s a chance for your company to be foreclosed. There’s also a chance for your auto to be repossessed by the creditors if filing of bankruptcy is delayed. Thus, doing it at an early stage will prevent any dilemmas like repossession of items or foreclosure. This is also a protection for homes that may have a chance to be exposed in such scenarios.

3. Can start easily again

Filing a bankruptcy also means having a clean slate. You simply don’t have to deal with debt problems anymore. You can have a fresh start without having any pressure and stress because your debts are completely discharged. It also means creditors and merchants can’t file any case against you.

4. Chance to rebuilt credit

If you’ve learned your lesson well, there’s no difficulty for you to rebuild your credit easily. This is of course after filing a bankruptcy. Although it can cause negative lines on some paperwork, it doesn’t mean your credit will remain on the downside. The earlier you sense the problem, the earlier you file bankruptcy, the better.

5. Can obtain the full rights and possession of assets

Not only will you vanquish your debt problems, you also will have full possession of your assets. Whether that’s a house, a car or even a business, filing a bankruptcy at an early stage will enable to to have full ownership and possession of these items.

6. Less worrying for your family

If your parents, kids and wife see you getting too stressed because of your debt problem, of course they will be affected at some point. Good thing you can file a bankruptcy, you’ll have no reasons to be stressed and your family won’t be worried anymore.


Whichever aspect you look at it, bankruptcy really has a negative impact on your credit. It can give you a great deal of embarrassment and self pity. However as a twin of that, it also has advantages that you should consider. Not all things about bankruptcy are on the bad side, it’s just in a matter of looking at it with a positive outlook.

Nevertheless, don’t expect things to change within just a couple months after filing bankruptcy. The positive results will surely take its place, we’re all sure of that. But it may take a couple of years. Just give yourself enough time to pick up the pieces and start again.

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    Although bankruptcy can cause severe emotional stress, we can never deny that it could be a solution to save your financial credibility. One of the advantages of filing for bankruptcy is exploring the possible options best suited for your case to eliminate or get out of debt without suffering more.

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    Try to keep the advantages of filing for bankruptcy in the forefront of your mind during the process. Many people spend days, weeks and even months focusing on the negatives of declaring bankruptcy, and they end up spiraling into a pit of guilt, regret and desperation. By focusing on the positive aspects of filing for bankruptcy, you will be able to get through the process with your mental health still in tack.