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6 Benefits of Health Insurance

6 Benefits of Health Insurance


If there’s one insurance that every individual should obtain, that would be the health insurance. Nobody knows when will health problems arise, thus having an insurance that will assist us in times of great need is a real life saver.

Despite that, most people are still confused on how such insurance can help, making them pay less attention on their health and would prefer purchasing a car insurance instead. To give you a clearer view, here’s a list its benefits.

Financial Dilemma Aid

There may be many different health insurance plans, but its main objective is on the same page – to aid those who are experiencing financial dilemmas in connection with their hospital bills. If you have this kind of insurance, you won’t be paying the hospital bill in full. Indeed a great help especially if you underwent a surgery or perhaps stayed in the hospital for weeks.

Preventive Medicine

Surveys revealed that people obtaining a health insurance are more likely to visit their physicians regularly. Because when you have an insurance, you don’t have to worry about check up fees. Surely, there will be a lesser chance for you to obtain a worse heath condition because preventive measures for any sickness together with preventive medicines is always present.

Low Death Rate

Studies also showed that places in which most residents have health insurances, have lower death rates compared to other areas. It was also revealed in a published research on “Health Affairs” that lack of health insurance plan has a connection with the high death rate among white adults who had diabetes, had lower income, was hypertensive or had a cardiovascular problem. Indeed, both are proofs that health insurance can really be of great help in lengthening our lives.

Drug Prescription

This one goes best to those who really don’t have insurances. Lets say you have saved money for an annual check-up, but didn’t foresee the possible drug prescription that may arise, then all your efforts would be useless. Of course, who would be able to purchase the prescribed medicines on a tight budget? However, if you were able to obtain a health plan, you wouldn’t have to worry about the expensive medicines because some drugs are fully covered by the insurance, while others are not. Either way, it’s still a great aid.

Vision Issues

Most people think that such insurance can only cover typical hospital bills, but in reality check, it can also help with your vision problems. With a health insurance plan, your eye checkup and eyeglasses won’t bother you anymore. And if you have to deal with laser procedures, your insurance can surely assist with the payments.

Mental Health

Currently experiencing depression? Facing too much problems lately? Do you think you need to see a counselor or maybe a psychologist, but distressed about expensive counseling session and the cost of the synthetic drug prescribed? Worry no more, because health insurance never misses to take care of the mental health state of every individual. It’s truly a great help to have an insurance and an aid towards money issues.

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    These are very important benefits of health insurance i like this post…