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6 Budgeting Tips for Low Income Families

6 Budgeting Tips for Low Income Families Photo


Perhaps budgeting is one of the most difficult things to do. Whether you’re living alone or living with your family, dealing with a tight budget every month can sometimes get too frustrating. The key to erase this frustration is to discover budget tips that will be effective on you. Searching on Google for tons of tips may lead to results, but that doesn’t mean every result works for you. That is why you have to open yourself towards exploring various ideas such as these that are listed below.

Yes to water, no to soda

A certain poll reveals that almost half of the surveyed American claim to drink soda on a daily basis. Aside from the danger to your health, it can also cause great danger to your pockets. Try to check your monthly grocery list and determine how much you spend on sodas alone. Now try to multiply that amount into 12 (which is 12 months of the year). The result would be the amount you can save each year if you will skip sodas and settle with just water.

Shop with coupons

Another perfect answer to dealing with budget frustration is to shop with coupons. A dollar or two can be a small amount, but if you utilize more coupons then your savings will be far from a dollar or two. You can also use coupons to lessen your bills at certain restaurants and fast food chains. Most people may consider these small sheets of paper as trash, but if you come to the point of saving up, you will most probably see its importance.

Free shipping

It’s a fact that many items can be bought at a lower price if you shop online. This is mainly because there are more competitors online, not to mention more choices for you. However, if the item is cheap but the shipping fee is at its peak, then still it’s pointless because the expert’s advice is to go for free shipping. Although it usually takes a bit longer, but if you’re not in any hurry then there’s no problem with that. You should also ensure that you’re shopping on legitimate sites.

Check the flea market

Whether you’re looking for a new dress or a new carpet, checking the flea market is always worth it. Aside from finding the stuff you need, definitely there’s more for you. And take note, these items are way too cheaper than going those at the mall, and the quality is not far. Although sometimes you get to find low quality items, it’s up already for you to scrutinize the product you’ll purchase.

Fuse the bills

If there’s a service provider that offers a package bundle of internet and cable connection, it would be a wise idea to support such services. Fusing two bills into one will save you more cash than you think. You may ask your current service provider is they offer such bundle packages. It would be a lot better than transferring into a new provider.

Tricky tip on gadgets

Now, when dealing with electricity, you might wonder if there are certain ways to cut your bill without loosing the aircon, TV and PC. The answer to that would be the money saving gadgets. With the fast evolving technology today, you can easily find stuffs that can surely help you save electricity.

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    these are decent tips, but low income families need to go deeper if they truly want to find a way to a better financial situation, including writing down every single daily expense for a month sot that they can see where their money is going, seeking federal, state and local utility assistance, and most importantly finding ways to boost their income. Go to a trade school or local community college and find out options to take courses in hot fields, and the possibility of getting Pell Grants (dont have to be repaid) to pay for school.