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6 Businesses to Start in 2013

6 Businesses to Start in 2013 PhotoA new year always signals new possibilities. Is 2013 the year where you finally quit your job and start up a business?

If the answer is yes, then good for you! Small entrepreneurial businesses are steadily increasing, with the number at 25.8 million small businesses as of 2012.

If you’re ready to join that crowd, yet are still lacking a solid business idea to develop, don’t worry. Here are a few industries that are set to grow even further in 2013

1. App Creation

If you’re a tech enthusiast this is right up your ally. Hire a couple more programmers and offer your services to companies who are looking for apps created for their products.

The great part about this is that you can work from home, which means low overhead and sunk costs and you can transact with companies or clients from halfway across the globe. Tech is definitely a safe industry to invest in.

2. Customized Liquor

Even if almost everybody you know is trying to cut back on their liquor intake, most of them are probably failing. The alcohol industry has experienced double digit growth as compared to 2011.

Customized home brewed beers and ales also lend a touch of sophistication, and are a good deal better than the Buds and the Coors in most bars. The best part about this business is that if business is slow, you’ll never run out of alcohol at home either.

3. An Etsy Shop

Luxury is not redefined as extreme customization and uniqueness. If you’ve been a budding craft enthusiast for as long as you can remember, start an Etsy shop.

You can offer all your one of a kind creations for sale, and you might even develop a following. This is a low cost business option too since you can opt to produce in smaller batches to lessen risk of having too much inventory left over.

4. Make a Food Cart

You know those carts and food trucks that are parked outside your office? They make a lot of money, and a lot of people are very thankful for their presence.

If you can whip up culinary masterpieces in 5 minutes or less, invest in a food cart or a food truck with your specialties. The flexibility in location is a definite plus, because you have the extra convenience of being able to go where your customers are.

5. Self Improvement Services

Too many people are trying to lose weight or get into exercise but fail because of lack of motivation. If you’re the kind of person who finds joy in cheering people on, consider hawking out your services as a self improvement consultant.

Whether it be fitness or fashion, there’s no lack of  people who help! Plus since this is a service oriented venture, you have no office spaces or sunk costs to worry about either.

6. Go for the Sweets

When all else fails, people always turn to sugar for comfort. The candy and chocolate industry is one such industry that thrives during recession. In fact it posted stable growth throughout the past tumultuous years.

This is because chocolates and candies are seen as luxuries that are affordable. No one refuses candy bars when they’re sad. Plus there are entire holidays dedicated to candy such as Halloween!

So being the resident Willy Wonka is not only fun, its also lucrative. Offering customized sweets for giveaways to parties should be an option to consider too.

  • http://www.bankowe.biz.pl/ Bogdan@prosto o finansach

    Great list – I like customized liquor the most and I do believe we’ll be increasingly drawn to handmade food and drinks. You know the kind of stuff that is done on a small scale and with a passion. There’s enough rich people to pay for that so if you have a secret recipe or two that people love – go for it.

  • http://inspiretothrive.com Lisa

    What are the costs associated with an Etsy shop? I have always wondered how they did and what was involved.
    Coming up with new apps sounds exciting!