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6 Cheap Costume Ideas

6 Cheap Costume Ideas Photo


Costumes need not be expensive this Halloween. You can look good and save money by making use of stuff you already have.

Do you still have your sewing equipment in your home? You can easily stitch sheets together to create a Jedi suite. All you’ll need then is a light saber.

Whether it’s Halloween or not, costumes are fun to wear. And about costumes, I’ll be happy to suggest a few cheap ones.

1. Retro look

Remember the 60s and the 70s? The people were rad. And their clothes, whew… far out!

If you’re keeping your parents’ or grandparents’ clothes in the attic, that would be handy.

If not, bell bottom pants can be bought real cheap. To create your own bell bottom pants, do this:

  • Decide how wide the bottom of your pants should be
  • Slit the bottom of your pants and decide how long it runs up
  • Using colorful fabric, cut triangular shapes matching the length of the pants’ slits. The base of the triangle will determine how wide the pants will be.
  • Sew the triangle in so it fits perfectly with the slits.

Match these pants with a tight shirt with big collars. Open the buttons of your shirt until chest area.

2. Agent J and Agent K

The Men in Black movies are big hits and everybody’s familiar with the agents. Your black suit, black tie and dark sunglasses are all you’ll need. Oh yes, you’ll have to borrow your kid’s toy laser gun too.

For kids, this costume will look cool. Gel their hair like Tommy Lee Jones’ and make them carry those big laser guns.

3. Pirate

Johnny Depps’ Jack Sparrow was cool but you don’t have to be that elaborate.

You can look like a pirate with the combinations of:

  • Red striped T-shirt, black vest, black jeans, bandana, boots
  • Large white shirt with buttons at the front tucked in black jeans. black boots, home made eye patch, bandana
  • For kids, they’d look cuter if you drew a mustache with a non toxic pen.
  • For women, these combinations can work as well. Wear tight black jeans or leggings and tuck in high heeled boots. Carrying a plastic sword will make you look bad ass too.

4. Spartan warrior

Get a chance to show your buff body.

  • Use rich red sheets as cloaks. Arrange it so pleats are folded at your shoulder area. Hold those pleats by sewing, beyond the shoulders, the cloak should run straight.
  • You can sew black cloth around short pants to make it look like men’s skirts.
  • For kids, these can work too. Instead of going without a shirt however, let them wear skin toned shirt.

5. Angel

Make your child look adorable with a halo and wings. Here’s how it’s done


  • Using tough but light cardboard, draw shapes of wings. Cut those carefully with scissors. Spread glue over it and put cotton to cover the whole area. (the cardboard should really be tough because too much cotton is heavy)
  • When dried, attach strings or clip onto suspenders. The smaller the wings are, the lighter and more durable it is.


  • Using wire and headbands, you can create a perfect halo. Wrap the halo in shiny yellow paper or foil.

6. Spongebob

Even adults will love this costume. Spongebob is famous all over the world. You’ll get seen instantly from a mile away with your yellow sponge costume.

Use a big box and shape it to fit your body. Cut holes in the box for your body, arms and head to go through. Then, paint it bright yellow, you can also draw little holes to make it look more sponge like.