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6 Cheap Decorating Ideas

6 Cheap Decorating Ideas


Home interior designing is one thing that most housewives are fond of doing. Not only does it beautify the entire home but it also keeps it fresh, up to date and inviting to visitors. One concern of many homeowners though is that redecorating can be pricey, especially if they want to have a general refurbishing. To keep the prices low, here are a couple cheap redecorating tips that will surely come in handy.

Your kid’s paintings have a role

One tricky tip when it comes to cheap decorating would be to give your kid’s creativeness a role. Let them paint on a big cardboard whatever they want. Once that’s done, cut it into 6 or 9 pieces and frame each separately. Hang it on the wall forming the entire photo and there have it! An instant brand new decoration for your living room. It will not only be a head turner for your visitors, but you’re also boosting up your child’s confidence.

Create your own shelves

One important part of every home would be the shelves and storage areas. Instead of buying and installing brand new ones, why not build your own? Visit the local hardware shop and purchase a couple of materials and color it according to your new theme. You can then transfer the current shelves in another area making it appear brand new again. This won’t cost you much for sure.

Bring nature in

If you have a lively garden outside, it would be a perfect idea to purchase a couple of pots and bring in your colorful plants. It will surely match your plain white home and will add splashes of color in it. You then won’t have to buy new decorations just to decorate your house.

Mirrors can be the answer

If you have lots of mirrors stored in the garage, you can also use them as alternative decoration in your home. You can change its frame to different colors to have that funky feel, or you can have it in uniform shade if you wish. And as a matter of fact, it works best for living rooms with minimal space. When placed at the right angle, it can make the place appear larger.

Mix and match

Another tip would be to mix and match your current furniture instead of buying new ones. In other words, reassign them. If you have ottomans and tables in your room, you can bring that out and replace it with a buffet or table in the living room. You also grab a couple of glass jars in the kitchen, fill it with white Christmas light and use it as lampshades. It might even be mistaken for fireflies.

Towels as pillow covers

Instead of buying new pillow covers, you can reuse your towels and stitch it into pillow covers. This would be perfect for December where fluffy and fuzzy stuffs are well appreciated. Don’t think much if the colors won’t match. As long as your walls are painted white, this won’t bother you.


Giving your house a new theme doesn’t always call for shopping and spending. Often times, the cheap yet creative solution are just under your nose. Get wild, be creative and don’t fear to step out of the comfort zone. Keep in mind that shopping is not the sole solution.