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6 Cheap Fundraising Ideas

6 Cheap Fundraising Ideas Photo


Because of today’s economic dilemmas, many organizations are facing financial shortage every now and then. But this is not an enough reason for such organizations to stop operating. One perfect solution is to have a fund raising activity in various places. You don’t have to invest too much but still be able to raise money for your organization. Read along this article to get likable ideas about fundraising.

Concert for a cause

If you’re an organization of musicians or if many of your associates know good bands, it would be a great idea to organize a concert for a cause. You can hold this on bars or other establishments that don’t ask for high fees. It would even be better if you sing songs composed by your organization. This is one way to gain finances and at the same time share your talent with many.

Service auction

Another great fundraising idea is to offer services such as car washing, home general cleaning, lawn mowing or even snow shoveling. These services will then be auctioned to gain money. The more services your organization offers, the bigger the money you can raise. This may sound like a small deal but it’s a big aid to any organization. There are no restrictions to this, just be sure that the services will be done well and that the members of the org are willing to do it.

Face painting

If you want to catch the heart of the teens and kids, you can have face painting as a fundraising activity. All you need to secure are paints and brushes. You can put up the booth yourself for lesser expense, but renting one is fairly affordable as well. This will surely work especially if your organization is focused on the arts. Many people will support this because it’s an activity that increases a person’s creativity and confidence.


An origami workshop can be incorporated with the face painting or can be done solely. This Japanese art of paper folding only needs paper and nothing else. Indeed, it’s a cheap fund raising idea. In fact, you’re not only raising money but you’re also teaching the participants a worth remembering valuable form of art. You can even showcase the products of this activity during your local art show.


When talking about raising money, conducting a raffle draw will never be erased. This is one of the most common and not to mention most effective fund raising activity there is. The money for the raffle prizes will also come from those who will buy the tickets, so technically you won’t be spending anything other than the raffle tickets.

Garage sale

Remember the typical quote “your garbage may be someone’s treasure“, that’s a fact indeed. And it’s also another fact that you can earn from what you call trash. Gather various items that you don’t use anymore and sell it in a garage sale. Because this is an activity of your organization, surely you’ll be able to gather tons of items. Have this garage sale open for a week or two and you’ll surely be overwhelmed on how much the earnings are.