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6 Cheap Ways to Travel the World

6 Cheap Ways to Travel the World Photo


If you want to explore the world, or bond with your family and friends and try things you’ve never done before, perhaps you’re thinking of only thing to do – travel. Indeed, it’s something that completes a year. It sure is fun to check out a country or two, but isn’t it a lot better to travel the world (or at least many countries for that matter)? If you’ve been wanting to do this, but can’t think of a possible way, then this article is perfect for you. Read along to know the tricky tips on how you can achieve an affordable worldwide getaway.


Instead of having a vacation with your own family, why not invite your brother’s family as well? This way, you can share the transportation costs and benefit from bundle packages that most airlines offer. Instead of renting a hotel, it’s also a wise idea to rent a house or villa. You’ll surely have a bigger space to spread out.

Book connecting flights or book early

Booking your flights way too early may sound crazy, but it’s one effective way to save up. You can also book for connecting flights. This way, you can check various places without spending too much. If you think connecting flights are expensive, better think again. This is one wrong perception of many people. As long as you’re not purchasing a rush ticket, then you won’t deal with too much travel expenses.

Check some nearby countries

Instead of visiting Europe and then travelling to Asia and then travelling back to England, why not do it in a more systematic way? It’s wise to check nearby countries such as Hongkong and Macau and the next thing you know, you’re already blogging about it while traveling to Europe.

Give your kids their own cash

Financial experts say that it’s a lot easier to spend money that you asked for, rather than spending the cash allotted to you by your parents. In a nutshell, if you will give your kids the money allotted for them, they’ll surely think twice and think wiser about where to spend it. However you should also stress out that it’s the only money for them and asking for more is not an option.

Take advantage of the technology

Buying guidebooks can be a wise idea, but opting for applications is a lot better. Indeed an effective money-saver. There’s also a lesser chance for you to be lost in the middle of downtown and end up riding a cab home if your phone has this application, unlike guidebooks that can easily get lost or left in the room.

Work in the area

Instead of spending all your savings, it’s also a bright idea to find part-time jobs in the new country you’re visiting. This way, you’ll have extra income and don’t have to slash off finances from your small budget. One best job is to teach English language. The locals may be staring at you because of your weird tongue thus, why not teach it to them? Aside from asking for money in exchange for the job, you can also ask for meals.