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6 Common Financial Mistakes

6 Common Financial Mistakes PhotoFinancial mistakes are like flushing your money in the toilet bowl or burning it like scraps. All of us happened to mismanage our money and we end up regretful. If we could only go back to the time we acquired the money, we could probably change the way we spend it.

There are several kinds of financial mistakes. Knowing this would serve as your guide to avoid it. This is truly great even if you’re not incurring financial mismanagements. Maybe you could relate somebody you know with the following issues of six financial burdens in a general view.

1. One day millionaire

Financial mistake often occurs with excessive spending. Some people who acquired a big amount of money tend to spend it till the last penny in their pocket. This is something psychological, especially to someone who enjoys spending it like there’s no more tomorrows. Unfortunately, people who are practicing it are those middle class and in a down to earth status in life.

2. Chains of debts

You would be in a total disaster if you have lots of loans or unpaid debts. Money lending is not bad. Instead, it helps you out in financial constraints and emergency cases. However, careful decision must be made. In which cases, some would just borrow in whatever amount without estimating their capability of paying. Thus they end up having to pay more than one loan.

3.  Pushing the limits

Expensive stuffs, living a luxurious life, brand new car and elegant house are usually the ideal American dream. For the pursuit of happiness, you try to reach such status in life though you are not equipped for paying, especially if your income is fair enough to sustain basic needs. Thus, you run to insurances and lending corporation to borrow money just to achieve what you don’t have.

4. Wrong turn

Due to the economic downturn and the uncertainties of happenings, again, people secured finances through investing money. You tend to do so and invest your savings for the sake of greater return and security. Yet you end up in a wrong investment.

A recent Fidelity study found that many young investors have low (or even no) stock exposure in their portfolio. The thing about no risk is there’s no reward. The financial system is pretty much built on it.

5. Delays

One financial mistake is paying late fees, even though you can keep up with your bills. Late fees not only add to expenses, it can also bring negatively impact your credit score. It is more likely to happen with insurances. You tend to tell the insurance agent to come back next time where in fact you have the money and just ignoring the deadline. It certainly happens if you make other priorities than what is really needed to be prioritized.

6. Cashless transactions

This is generally about being dependent so much with financial institutions. Most of the Americans wish to have credit cards as soon as possible. Paychecks pay credits and credits buy almost all of the commodities, in which interests are always a twin of swiping.