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6 Free Online Advertising Ideas

6 Free Online Advertising Ideas Photo


Traditional advertising really puts a whole in the pockets of many companies. What if we look at advertising through another perspective. Why not, innovate to cut down on costs, or even no cost at all.

That’s pretty much the reason why I recommend that you read the rest of the page. It’s just a few important points, but could really help a lot.

1. SEO

SEO is important as it determines the visibility of your site. SEO services can be very expensive but you could actually do it yourself. There are several online manuals that you can read from. It just needs some time and of course the will to learn Search Engine Optimization.

It’s your own market so the extent of your skill determines your success. Don’t rush, learn it and embrace it, because it may become a foundation for you.

2. Social Networking

Just get people to like and share your products and services. Voila, that’s instant advertising with no cost at all. Your friends even do the advertising for you. It’s virtually a free campaign.

The good thing about social media sites is the exposure generated. I mean considering it’s free and all. One more thing is that allows you to hit a target market. Promoting local businesses is now too easy, but still don’t expect results asap.

 3. Cross Promote

Find a company and try to ask them to cross promote with your company. This is usually done through links leading to each other’s website. Some others use flyers in email newsletters or other updates.

This way, both of you benefit, and neither don’t have to spend for advertising. Also, a partnership between you and the other company may help you flourish.

4. Press Release

Send out great press releases. It’s gonna be hard to get it published, but it’s gonna be totally worth it. It’s totally free and the exposure is great, so that’s an A plus.

Like SEO, you can learn how to write a press release yourself. Think like a reporter and make a press release that’ll nail the public. It’s going to need a lot of practice, but if you get there, publication is sure to follow.

5. Blogs And Forums

Be a blogger and start writing about your product. Try to generate traffic to your page and get the interest of companies. Start making ties with people, you won’t know some blogger might become your business partner.

Forums are great to help generate traffic to your blog or your site. Feedback from people is a form of advertisement. Make those feedbacks positive and you’ll be rolling on customers.

6. Mailing List

Get a mailing list form for your website. You never know which one of the emails can be a customer. The more emails on the list, the bigger the chances of landing a customer.

You can also use WordPress plugins that pop-up on your blog. This’ll be a great help to you and again it is totally cost free. What’s more is that, the visitors register themselves, so less the hassle.

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