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6 High Paying College Degrees

6 High Paying College Degrees Photo


No matter how good you are in your field, you can only squeeze so much from it. Degrees are not made equal if you’ll be using salary as basis.

Listed in this article with no definite order, look for a career that might interest you. If you’re after a high pay-grade, consider taking a degree in the following fields:


Look at any statistics of the highest paying degrees and you’ll see it riddled with engineering degrees. Almost any degree in this field of science can get you a high-paying job. They differ in their starting and mid-level salary but overall, all jobs in the field are guaranteed to pay sumptuously.

At the top of the list are petroleum and aeronautics engineering. With the high demand for minerals to produce modern equipment, mining and metallurgical engineers are on a roll these days. Electrical and mechanical engineering are also mainstays of the list.

Surely enough, the field of engineering proves to have one of the highest pays, if not the highest out there. In the field of petroleum engineering, starting salaries could reach a sky-high $100,000, reaching up to more than $160,000 in mid-career.

Computer science

It’s not surprising to know that this degree leads to one of the highest paying jobs around. Just look at the companies in Silicon Valley and you’ll get the picture.

Programming will surely have higher demands in the futures especially now that smartphones continue to dominate the market. New developments in software and applications would be needed every now and then.

The starting for this one is quite high; a hefty $58,000 in the average awaits starters. It could reach double after a few years of experience, depending on your skills.


Your love for science could have a great payoff if you pursue a degree in physics. Work area can range from the academe to research and development in some of the most sophisticated laboratories known to man.

Domestic and foreign governments able to run the latest fads in modern technology constantly look for skilled physicists to manage their operations. If you’re smart enough (in the positive sense), you might be operate machines capable of producing black holes. Who knows, you might even get paid to create a Death Star.

Usually though, graduates opt to pursue a higher degree in the field before working. All the sweat and blood spent in specialization is worthy of getting a starting salary of more than $50,000. As you get better in the field, you’ll reach the average mid-career salary which can be up to $100,000 per year.

Mathematics and statistics

If you’re inclined to math, consider getting into the field of mathematics and statistics. Because of the high demand, almost all graduates of the major immediately land jobs.

Applied math and actuarial mathematics are the highest grossing fields in the area. It can earn you up to $100,000 in mid-career, much similar to those of physics majors.

Business management

Education in business administration could lead to high-tier positions in companies. A lead position in the management, a financial analyst, an accountant, or even a top executive – these are the possible paths for this degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Coupled with the knowledge on information technology, this one is a very potent money earner. With the continuing innovations brought about by technology, businesses find ways to adapt to changes and make operations more efficient. This is where degree holders from this field could enter the scene.

It’s a good choice for undecided undergraduates looking for a degree to take. With a lucrative starting salary of $48,000, it’s really not a bad choice to go for this career path.


Majors in this field usually pursue business and finance-related jobs. These are the highest paid positions in the field.

Usually, economics graduates work in banks and similar financial institutions. Graduates of this field of study are the usual source of: financial analysts, managers, auditors, and economists.

Another advantage of degree holders in this field is their option to proceed to law school. Many people consider economics as a good path in establishing a career in law, according to the American Economic Association.

Payscale’s research presents that the average starting salary, as of 2012, for economics graduates is around $48,000 per annum.