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6 Low Maintenance Pets

6 Low Maintenance Pets Photo


Whether you’re living in an apartment or it’s your kids who asked for it, you will surely find low maintenance pets. Aside from giving you less worries and hassle, these critters also have a big effect on one’s life. Experts claim that having a pet can reduce your stress, may it be low or high maintenance. So what are you waiting for? Check out this article and decide which low maintenance pet would be perfect for you.

1. Cat

Some people say that cats are all aloof. They also claimed it only cuddles because it needs your body heat. Well on the contrary, they really love to cuddle with you or with tons of yarns on their small beds. Besides, why would you ever want to trade a pet that knows how to bury its own poo? All you need is a tiny vacuum cleaner to gather fur every now and then and that’s it.

2. Rabbit

To tell you frankly, bunnies have zero intelligence. However they have extremely fluffy fur that makes them one of the best pets in the world. After all, pets are brought to be hugged and loved. Rabbits are also very easy to clean and their poo don’t stink much, there’s no problem with that. You just have to add carrots on your grocery list.

3. Fish

Who would hate fish? Experts claim that it’s one of the best stress reliever pet, not to mention the lowest maintenance as well. If you clean their tanks and aquariums regularly then you won’t have to deal with too much green slime. Their food also revolves on pellets alone, although some kids love to throw in bread crumbs. Because your pet fish will spend the rest of their lives in that tank, you might as well want to put in a couple of accessories such as fake corals and other decorations.

4. Gerbils

If your kid is not used to having a pet, it would be a great idea to give her a starter pet first. And with that being said, put gerbils on top of the list. This nocturnal rodent is not only low maintenance, adorable and cuddly, but they’re also perfect for kids who want to learn more about being responsible. Unlike any other rodents, gerbils can stay in their cage without being messy. They also don’t drink much which means less pee as well.

5. Hermit crabs

So you want crawlers huh? Then better purchase 2-3 hermit crabs to be added onto your family tree. This low maintenance pet is perfect for those who don’t want to live a boring life yet  don’t want fur, poo and pee in the house at the same time. 2-3 crabs call for a 10-gallon tank, a couple of shells as their additional buddy and of course, gravel. The only responsibility you have is to provide fresh food and water every day.

6. Leopard gecko

An exotic pet that doesn’t need lightings and lamps, don’t require high maintenance and don’t grow into dinosaur-like size – leopard gecko it is. This is another nocturnal pet that calls for a 20-gallon tank, the typical necessities such as food and water and nothing else.