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6 Money Saving Gadgets

6 Money Saving Gadgets Photo


Because of today’s rapidly developing technological world, it can’t be denied that gadgets have a big role in every individual’s life. From communication gadgets such as tablets and smart phones, to energy saving appliances such as handy vacuum cleaners and the ever popular LED lights, have big impacts that most of us thought.

Nevertheless, such gadgets can be too expensive. Knowing about the global recession issue today, it’s not an unusual fact that not everybody is capable of purchasing all of these handy gadgets. So, if you’re one of them, yet still seek to experience a little luxury without forfeiting your silver, then you’re on the right article. Here’s a short list of the most helpful and money-saving gadgets you can ever find.

The Gadgets You Don’t Want To Miss 

Nest Thermostat

Yes, it is expensive. It needs a couple of budget adjusting techniques before you can purchase one. With a price that’s ranging from $300-$350, most consumers doubt if it’s really worth the price. But have you even scrutinized the Nest? Perhaps not. This gadget basically works as a temperature modifier in your home. Unlike other gadgets that needs programming, the Nest will conduct the learning itself. After a week of placing it in your home, it can immediately look for techniques to lower down your electric bill.


This is the perfect gadget for photo and video lovers. Instead of spending much on hiring cameramen, simply purchase Swivl at around $130 and it will be your personal cameraman for years! It has a small marker device that will follow your very command.

Sodastream Fountain Jet

Would you believe that there’s a actually home gadget that can let you save about $720 each year? Please welcome, the Sodastream Fountain Jet. Purchase its starter kit and get all the fizzy drinks you want. With the total of $1,000 spent by an average American family each year just for soda drinks, that’s an enough reason for you to invest on this $100 Carbonator/soda maker. It even comes with 2 interchangeable bottles.


Looking for a way to deal with your monthly phone bill? Why not purchase Xlink instead. This handy home gadget allows you to route all your mobile phone calls to your landline phone. That means your voice mail and caller ID will be transferred as well. If you wish to save $33 each year, or even more, then this Xlink is perfect.


This small-in-built but quite helpful kitchen gadget would be a perfect gift for all moms out there. Trim down your grocery bills and avoid dealing with rotten food with FoodSaver. Simply put your food in reusable bags, seal it with this handy gadget and store it in the fridge or pantry. Extended freshness will come alive!


Who wouldn’t want a $30 to $100 monthly saving with MagicJack? It is the top secret of those who love to chat over the phone but are magically not charged with anything. Simply connect it to your PC’s USB port and to a telephone. With it, all calls in the US and Canada are free. Call waiting, caller ID and voice mail are also its additional services.

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