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6 Popular Jobs For Women

6 Popular Jobs For Women Photo


Although many people say that men and women have similar job descriptions. Both can work in an office, or perhaps run a business, they still have different stature. Men have different capabilities that not all women can do and vise versa. That is why women have their own jobs where they are the stars. And here’s a list of it.


When it comes to nursing and caring, women would be on top of the list. Whether that’s in the US, Europe and any Asian countries, diverse surveys would always reveal one same result – that there are more women caregivers than men. Studying caregiver may need to learn how to deal with medical-related issues but it won’t teach a person how to be a caring one. And because caring is a woman’s human nature, surely they are experts on this field.

Business management

Whether that’s a small home-based business or a big corporation, women are simply gifted. They have that certain talent in keeping a business at its peak, all the time. Surveys also revealed that a business handled by an educated woman is less likely to fail than if it’s handled by an educated man. There is no competition between the two, only a clarification that women also have the capabilities to be firm and handle a business.


Have you ever observed that you had more women professors? This is because teaching is another forte of females. Even in pre-school alone, t’s very seldom to see a male teacher handle toddlers. Studies also revealed that students are more satisfied from the teaching of a woman rather than a man. There is more explanation and more understanding.


Dentistry and other medical-related jobs oftentimes belong on the Womens’ side. Aside from the Caregiving, there are also more female dentists, surgeons, nurses and physicians. Many patients, based on a survey, claimed that they feel more comfortable if they are handled by a female doctor. Perhaps that is the reason why during peak seasons such as Christmas, hospitals sometimes appears like a female dormitory.


Whether that’s freelance or writing for a company, women writers are also dominant. This can possibly be because they are more creative and passionate in writing than men. Nevertheless, there are also female writers who sold thousands of copies of their published books. Perhaps it lies in the style of writing and the niche.

Customer service department

Each corporation has a customer service department. Aside from the human resource department, this area is also dominated by women,. It just goes to show that women have that talent to deal with other people’s concern no matter now irate the costumer is. Women truly have a long patience compared to men.


There is no competition between men and women, especially on who gets the best job. This article just shows that both genders have their own fortes when it comes to earning. Nevertheless, this is not a reason for male caregivers or female architects to be singled out.