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6 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom

6 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom Photo


What does financial freedom mean to you? Does it mean having tons of money and spending it like crazy?

The having money part is a component of financial freedom, you betcha. The spending like crazy part? Well, even rich people frown about that.

Financial freedom is our ultimate goal. It means no debts, no worries about food and shelter. Every basic need covered by our finances.

Our ultimate goal is waiting for us. We can take steps to come closer to it.

1. Build a positive attitude

There’s a quote that says, “Positive and negative are directions. Which direction do you choose?” I believe you’d choose the right direction.

As a first step to closing in on financial freedom, one must decide on it. One must build a healthy attitude towards attracting money and keeping money. Build a positive attitude to do it, ‘coz you can do it!

In one study, researches found out negative attitudes about money contribute to stress. We should avoid these.

  • Avoidance of money
  • Worshipping money
  • Money is a status symbol
  • Wariness in spending

2. Set short term goals

Ready to get a move on? That’s the spirit!

An important exercise to achieving financial freedom is winning small battles at a time. Start with simple obstacles to overcome in the home.

Follow a game plan in budgeting. Winning month after month of lessening expenses will lead to freedom.

  • Lessening dining out
  • Lessening utility bills
  • Resisting the habit / impulse to spend

3. Pay off debt

You will agree that debts are like chains, right? You’re bound and will be unable to move.

It’s time to snap those shackles.

Pay up debt as fast as you can, as much as you can. Try the snowball method, pay more than the minimum. Most of all stop spending.

4. Create a savings fund

Have you imagined how life will be when you’re old? Wouldn’t it be great if you could still spend a little here and there? We all want that and a savings fund can be the key.

While young, one has all the time and ability to earn. Today is definitely the time to capitalize.

With your ability to budget now, what’s left can definitely be put in the bank. Take care of it and it will take care of you in the future.

5. Increase your income

An increase in income definitely frees us from financial crisis. We can pay debts easier, save more and spend on a simple leisure.

Would you consider these ideas?

  • Aim for a promotion. Work hard and work with passion.
  • Apply for better paying jobs
  • Invest on residual business
  • Work part time
  • Start a business with your talents

6. Plan for long term goals

If you think winning over short term goals is gladdening, making a long term goal a reality will be heavenly.

Experts say conquering little goals is addictive. Winning is addictive. Take this feeling and use it for long term goals.

Planning for long term involves more saving. Your positive attitude will definitely be an asset by now.

  • Plan where you want to stay in the future
  • Plan for expenses for meds when you’re old
  • Plan for your leisure and recreation time when you’re old

Retirement can be a satisfying experience, elders say. When one looks back, one will be pleased with his efforts to take care of his life.