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6 Ways To Improve Your Resume

6 Ways To Improve Your Resume Photo


Resumes play a big part for you to get a job. It plays as one of the tickets to get a job. It takes only 10 to 15 seconds for an interviewer to browse your resume. The rest of the time after that is history.

It’s really a turning point, but why not prevent resume problems before hand. Why not continue reading on and see what you can do for your resume.

1. Bullets Bullets Bullets

Bullets  do the trick on determining the first 15 seconds of your interview. It makes a resume look neat and easy to read. The statements are direct to the point so it’s easier to understand too.

But excessive bullets don’t always save your butt. Too much, and you’re digging up your own grave. It’s gonna look like a big hunk of text in the middle of the resume. Even I won’t strain my eyes reading that big block of text.

2. Serve Your Skills On A Silver Platter

The skills that you have are the highlights of the resume. Be sure to show the skills that are relevant to the job. Extra skills that are not related to the job don’t matter to the employer. At times, they’re even considered rubbish.

Select the best skills that you can put on your resume. It should light up a spark in the eyes of the employer. That’s one of your keys to jobville.

3. Responsibility Versus Achievement

Another thing that matters to the employer is what you achieved. Your responsibilities are next to irrelevant if you compare it with achievements.

The achievements should send a message to the employer. The message should be that you performed over and above your duties. This makes an impression to the employer that you can do the same for them.

4. Universal Acronyms

Acronym use should be handled carefully. Many acronyms exist today that are not universally known. Most of which are about high-tech job descriptions, like computer jargons. Employers of the same line of work would understand, but others won’t.

Make sure to spell out acronyms that you think would not be understood by the interviewer. Also, during the course of the interview, clear out uncommon terms.

5. Revamp Your Resume

The traditional resume format is still popular today. Though, some modifications have been made to the traditional format. The point is to make a resume that works for you and the employer.

The main goal of a resume is to show the employer your best side. That’s the side that matters the most in interviews. Your resume does not have any room for mistakes, so clean that out.

6. The One Page Rule

A good CV presents who you are on one page. But that does not mean that you have to squeeze everything in one page. An unreadable is complete rubbish. Don’t be afraid to go over one page, just make sure that the second page is also relevant.