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6 Ways to Make Money with Hubpages

6 Ways to Make Money with Hubpages PhotoHubpages is a platform that gives authors a platform to not only post articles on it but also to earn from them. For most authors, the writing part is not difficult to understand.

Most of them do not understand how they can really make cash from their hubs. In fact, “How do I make money from my hubs” is a frequently asked question. Here are 5 different ways to make money on hubpages.

1. The 60/40 Split

This is the most basic way to make money on hubpages. The 60/40 split offers you a platform from where you earn 60% of the advertisements generated by your articles. Hubpages get the other 40%.

However, it does not mean that you earn 60 cents from every dollar made by the ads generated by your articles.

What happens is that the author and Hubpages each have a unique advertising ID.

Your advertising ID appears on 60% of the ads on your hubs while that of Hubpages appears in 30% of the ads.

If a reader clicks on an ad with your link on it, you earn the whole amount. The same happens when a reader clicks on the Hubpages ad ID.

2. URL Trackers

With URL trackers, you get an opportunity to earn 10% of all the money earned by a new author. Hubpages gives you a URL link which you can add to your website, blogs, twitter handle, FaceBook page or any other relevant place.

If an author signs up via your link, they are credited to you. The new author will still earn their 60%; the 10% you earn comes from the 40% share of Hubpages.

3. Google Adsense

Google adsense is an affiliate advertiser of Hubpages. Google adsense operates on a pay per click method.

It means that when a reader clicks on a Google Ad on your articles, you get to earn a commission. The more readers or viewer you attract on your hubs the more income you are likely to earn.

4. Ebay and Amazon Advertisements

Ebay and Amazon are probably the most popular sellers on the internet. Both platforms give an opportunity to advertise their products on your hubs; you earn a commission when someone buys a product as a result of ads on your hubs.

Amazon and Ebay allow you to choose the products to be advertised and where the ads will be placed.

5. Capstone Hubs

In all the above methods, you only get to earn cash indirectly from hubpages. With Capstone Hubs, you are paid directly by Hubpages- the company.

However, there are very strict rules that you must adhere to qualify.

You can find the rules from this here. On the Capstone platform you get to earn an extra amount in addition to the 60% depending on the number of visitors who read your hubs.

6. Kontera Affiliate

Though the pay is not as good as Google Adsense, Kontera pay you when a reader click on an ad that is on your hubs.

Kontra choose keywords on your articles and underlines them. When a reader places the mouse on the keyword an ad appears and you earn a commission.