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6 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

6 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget Photo


Many individuals claim that dealing with a tight budget is one of the most difficult problems a person can ever face. Whether you’re living alone or with your family, financial dilemma cannot be erased. If not dealt the right way, indeed it would be very difficult to fix. Good thing there are certain tips to help you save money and avoid budget problems.

Money-Saving Tips

Rent out your garage space

Parking space can be expensive especially if its needed every day. Instead of filling your garage with unnecessary items, why not rent it out? If you have a spacious garage, big enough to accommodate 2 or more cars, then it would be of great aid to you and your future tenant. Besides, it’ll help you refrain from purchasing unnecessary items and dumping the used ones in the garage.

Avoid cable channels

One thing that can eat up a colossal amount of your finances would be your cable bill. If you’re having a tight budget then you should avoid paying for premium channels. Surely there are other ways to obtain HD channels aside from purchasing each of it. You can also watch through the internet as well. There are many sites that allow free streaming for those who reside in the US.

Refrain from eating out

Eating out with friends and family sure is a fun thing. Aside from the scrumptious meal, you also don’t have to think of dishes to wash afterwards. However, this habit may need to be erased if you want to save money. And take out meals is never an exception. We may not notice but an average American family spends whopping amounts just for eating outside. If you would just scratch this off, surely you will save more than you think you can.

Research before purchasing

Make it a habit to check the product online before heading to the mall. Aside from learning about its overview, you will also be knowledgeable of its pros and cons. You can also check for reviews and how more of it works. Most people do not do their own research anymore and simply rely on what the salesman can tell. By researching, you will know if the product pricing is just right or if it’s over-priced. This is one important fact that a salesman won’t and can’t tell you.

Schedule a right grocery time with a list

How many individuals are going to the grocery with a shopping list? Surely a lot less that those who don’t even make one. Financial experts stated that shopping with a list and with a regular schedule helps you save more bucks since you can avoid purchasing items that you don’t really need. The schedule will also give you a mindset that you can only deal with the food in your fridge and pantry until your next schedule arrives. If you live far from the grocery, this is another plus. You will spend less on gasoline.

Avoid paying through cards

Who even hates the comfort of paying through credit cards? Surely this is the most common way of paying our groceries and other products we purchase. However, if you keep on doing so, you might end up having an empty card sooner than you think. Because you cannot control the cash flow, unlike pulling dollars out from your pocket, you cannot do anything once the card is already swiped, unless you can deal with the hassle of returning the item.

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    Very cool ways to save money, meeting less friends is another tip, as this may end up wasting more money.


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    As a gadget geek, I’m using a personal finance application for my mobile. It can help you control all expenses and earnings. Actually there’s a number of such-like apps for Android and iPhone.