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7 Benefits of Social Media for Business

The advent of social media changed how the business world interacts with people. It added a new avenue on the marketing strategy of a company.

Social media sites also have presented a number of ways to promote a product other than through text streams or billboards. Videos, animations, pictures and a lot of other options are available for both big and small businesses in the market.

Aside from promotional varieties, there are other benefits that social media sites have in store for businesses.

1. Inexpensive

Signing up to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and several others are free of charge. Some sites also offer additional features for a fee to spice up an account and increase its marketability.

Some years ago, only a few routes are available if a product needs publicity. Radio and television airtime, newspaper ads, and billboards – all these are expensive and only a few can afford them. With the dawn of the Internet age and social media sites, marketing has never been cheaper. Just placing photos and a few phrases can already catch the attention of so many.

Small and budding businesses can now compete with the more established ones through the use of social media sites. They don’t really need to put a lot of cash just to get known.

2. Wider audience

Millions of people around the world have accounts in multiple social networking sites. Having an account in any one of the said sites means it can be viewed by countless number of users – around the world! Anyone can start their own community by having a long list of followers or subscribers.

3. Better customer relations

A fast response is what people want to get from their brand makers. Social media offers a platform for quick exchange of messages.

Comments and feedbacks can be sent directly to involved parties. In Facebook, if a product photo or promotional status is posted it can get “Likes” and can be used as a rough estimate of the users’ take on the item. Customer criticisms can then be used by companies as basis for further product development.

Support services can also be provided faster. Company representatives can reply right away or invite a customer in a private conversation if they need further assistance or concerns.

4. Visibility

Since social media sites run through the Internet, they are available almost anywhere. Wherever there is Internet, users can check a company’s profile for daily updates.

Also having an account in the social media brings the feeling that companies know how to mingle with the masses. People have the feeling they can easily communicate with the company if they have concerns. It brings the feeling that they’re just neighbors in a big community.

5. Longevity

Accounts stay active until a user decides to deactivate or delete it. One does not need to update it every hour to make it visible. Products promoted can be indexed for and archived for future customers.

In TV ads, if a viewer doesn’t see the ads of a product, he or she won’t know about it until he/she encounters the ad. Even if the viewer knows about the brand, information of a new product won’t reach him/her.

Unlike in social media, news and updates are archived in the account so users can still check it anytime they want. If a brand or company comes into their mind, they can just check the company profile to learn about new products and news.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines have taken into consideration the social media presence of an entity in returning search results to users. The more popular and recommended a site or account is, the higher its chances of getting the top ranking among other hit returns.

Businesses can get their sites on the first page of search results through proper indexing and SEO. More positive hits equates to more exposure for them.

7. Trends

To say simply, social media has become very popular and popularity is one of the best marketing strategies a company can grab. So the potential sales that can be acquired are huge if a company joins the bandwagon.