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7 Cheap Date Ideas for College Students

7 Cheap Date Ideas for College Students


Being in college doesn’t mean you have no right to have fun on dates. And fun dates don’t mean spending a lot. If you’re creative enough and willing to step out of the comfort zone then dating that lassie will not be a problem.

There’s a big difference between hanging out and dating. Both also have different approaches. To guide freshmen like you, here are some cheap yet fun dating ideas. Try these out and you’ll surely win that chick’s heart in no time.

Check out interesting exhibits

If you have that creative juice swooshing in you then why not bring your girl in a creative exhibit? She will surely know more about you and would probably admire your love for art. This can also happen the other way around. It’s surely great to know more about her without spending too much.

Check out some small concerts

Instead of purchasing an out-of-budget ticket for a big concert, you can also bring your girl to a small concert nearby. Perhaps you have a friend playing in the nearby town, or any of your kin will show off on the downtown bar. It will surely be an interesting experience.

Shop and cook

Instead of bringing her to an expensive restaurant, who say’s it’s not romantic to have a date in your own house? You can also bring her to the mall and shop some ingredients for dinner. And of course, both of you will also cook your own dinner. A romantic date at an affordable price. You didn’t just save your allowance but you also hang out with her longer than the usual.

Hike and wait for sunset

Walking to where your feet leads you can be romantic, but walking or hiking to catch a wonderful sunset view is a lot better. After playing your most loved console game, why not bring her to a place where sunset view is simply magnificent. You don’t have to climb a mountain, any high place can be perfect.

Photography goofiness

Expose those goofy faces and bring out the silliness in you while strolling with your girl and playing with that DLSR camera. You will surely make her laugh and pull her out of the comfort zone.

Make your own movie

It would really be great if you can make your date a movie. Think of a storyline, bring out that camcorder and wait for the adrenaline rush. At the end of the day, both of you can edit the video and show it off to your friends. A fun and a cheap date indeed.


Instead of bringing her to a cozy place and spend a fractional part of your allowance, you can also purchase her favorite takeout meal and have a picnic with her in the park. You can talk over silly, serious and even non-sense things just for fun without spending too much. You are not only having a simple date with her but you’re also discovering more about her. If you’re a good conversationalist then that’s a plus.

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    How about looking for free days at museums and other educational attractions that usually charge money. Not only will you and your date have something interesting to talk about, it won’t cost you anything. Nearly every museum has a free day or two at least once a month.