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7 Frugal Living Ideas


Wanna cut down on housing costs? Wanna try frugal living? Why not know from the experts. Just make a run down and try the tips we have here. Hey, I mean come on, you’ll be able to save a lot.

1. You Don’t Need a Credit Card

Credit cards are just a reminder that you’re having financial problems. That’s the very purpose that they were invented. Try to live a simple life without credit cards. Now think about it, no debts, no interest, no problem.

Just leave your credit card at home. If you can, cut your card into small pieces and throw them away. Trust me, you’ll feel as free as a bird the moment you do that.

2. Stack Up Coupons

Try to stack up on coupons of your most used commodities. You can save a large percentage of your groceries with coupons alone. To make the discounts bigger, find grocery stores that accumulate coupon values.

Pick a store that regularly give out coupons. That means that’s hundreds of your original annual grocery bill. Sounds great right? Give it a try, what have you got to lose.

3. Cancel Unneeded Subscriptions

If you are subscribed to cable and you don’t use it often, cancel it. It’s a waste of money, same goes with subscription magazines. Many magazine companies have their version of the magazine on their website. Use those instead to save on monthly fees.

4. Share Your Sentiments

Talk with people who are also trying to lead a frugal life. You’re not alone in trying to adapt this kind of lifestyle. Go online and search for forums about frugal living, they come by the hundreds.

Aside from forums and websites, news groups are also great sources about frugal living. The page has tips and tricks by the hundreds that want to share your concern.

5. Cut Down On Bills

Try to be thrifty and cut down on bills. Try these ten surprisingly easy ways to cut down your electricity bill. The tips work great on pulling down the pieces of paper that go on your doorstep every month.

Follow the brochures that come with your appliances. They often have manuals that teach you how to save on electricity. Use these wisely.

6. Home Made Cleaners

Why not make your own homemade cleaners instead of buying very expensive ones. It’s very easy and you can even check out  the internet on how to make homemade washing detergent. You save a whole lot and the soap can last months.

7. Be a Sales Agent

Ransack your house for items you don’t use anymore. Open a garage sale and wait for the money to come in. Of course you really can’t expect to sell everything in one day. It takes time and effort.

Not only do you earn money, you also clean your house from excess dirt. You can also go and sell your items on ebay or Amazon. It really works, you just gotta have patience.

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    Don’t forget that you can also save money on subscriptions by borrowing periodicals at your public library. Plus you’ll probably find magazines you would never think to read on your own and broaden your horizons.