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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Real Estate Investment

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Real Estate Investment Photo


You might be doing some things in your business that is quite or totally ain’t right. If you are aware of those, stop before it bites you. But if you don’t, then here’s a list of mistakes that you need to avoid when it comes to real estate investing.

1. Choosing the wrong guy

Don’t just pick up someone from the sidewalks. Identify, investigate and test. This is how you should get your broker.

Hiring a broker is not like choosing your favorite beauty queen.  You will be using a lot of money here and you don’t want it to be wasted because you chose the wrong person to deal with.  Interview the agent and ask questions that will test his knowledge and skills before you sign him in.

2. Going on solo

Advisers, appraiser, attorney, lender, inspectors and more; you need a great team to be successful on real estate. Doing it all by your own will not just make it heavier for you but you’ll also be prone to failure. You are going to have a lot of worries to do so let someone do the dirty work. You won’t be able to succeed on your investments if you are spending too much time on things that you are no good.

3. Planning at the wrong time

You don’t act unless the brain tells you to. But if you do act without brain, then you do not know for sure what you are doing. Before you jump in to the business, you must have thought about it first. The correct way on real estate is by formulating a proper investment strategy before looking for a property to buy.

4. Paying too much

Everyone knows that this is a mistake. Paying too much may be caused by mistakes during analysis. Since they pay too much, it will be impossible for them to earn money.  The worst thing is that, if you make excess payment and locked up all your funds, you’ll end up having nothing to redeem yourself.

5. Buying a house you can’t afford

Lack of cash is another term for this. One of the first things to do before getting down to the real estate investment is to save money. Since getting a loan is no longer that easy nowadays, you need to make sure you’ll have enough money needed to start and keep up with the real estate investing.

6. Waiting until you get old

On real estate and other kinds of investments, age does matter. It is indeed. The younger you start, the younger you become an investment expert. This also means you might get rich before you get to your thirties.

Since you still have enough energy and spirit to work, you can fully support this business in the long run. You just need to see the bigger picture and take advantage of what sits in front of you right now. The price that you can see now might not be around on the following years. So grab it now before it’s gone.

7. Not minding the risks and hazards

If we talk about real estate investment, like any other businesses, we also talk about money. Since we do, why will you ignore the risk of losing money?

Some people tend to ignore the risks and fail to take caution in regards to making a deal. Before you do, it is advisable that you know a lot of things. Make an adequate research about the property and get yourself informed about the risks associated therein.

  • http://www.binaryforprofit.com/ Kevin@Binary Options

    As always, very clear article. Everyone should stay away from unnecessary expenses.

  • http://www.buyrealestateintheus.com Anne@http://www.buyrealestateintheus.com

    Very good advice. Thank you. I can especially relate to number 2 – don’t go solo. Sometimes it is tempting to try to save money, but in the end most of the time I find that the extra money would have been well worth it. Professionals usually have information that can make the transaction go much more smoothly, and save you money and time in the end.