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7 Money Saving Tips for Students

7 Money Saving Tips for Students Photo


Since you are a student, one of your biggest challenges aside from examination is to not run out of money.  Yes, not before the check from Mom or Dad comes in to your account. Now to help you out, we will work on how you can extend the life span of your pockets. Here are some tips for young guys like you.

1. Learn how to say no

Young people love to go out, have some fun, drink, eat and be merry. Sometimes, these things that they want to do are not for free. Another fact is that, they can’t do it alone most of the time. This is where they will invite you and you will feel bad to say no.

Joining your peers once would be fine but frequently would hurt your budget. If you don’t want this to happen then learn to say no in a nice way.  Think of good excuses such as important family gathering, due projects or part time jobs. With this, you won’t lose friends and you won’t lose money.

2. Avoid renting

Why spend money on a dorm if you could stay home? Kids/Teenagers always want to try going and living on their own. Ooops, you don’t want to be called a kid aren’t you? With these reasons, they are ignoring the idea that they could save a lot by staying with the family.

3. Stay at home

Going outdoors to watch some movies with friends can be a lot expensive.  The same goes with eating in a nearby restaurant. Instead of going out, stay at home and get everything for free. You can save money because of free snacks and drinks inside the refrigerator to your Dad’s movie collections.

4. CC is not for Little Suzy

Let’s face it. You are a student and you’ve got a problem on how to make your money last. With this, can you afford to have a Credit Card and face its disadvantages? Remember, every time the credit card is swiped, the bank bills are going to bite.

5. Do everything before leaving

If you will notice, people spend if they are out doors. Here are the things that could tempt you in the streets.

  • Hotdogs
  • Ice Cream
  • Candies
  • Soda / Beer
  • Water

Yes. The examples above are food and water which can be found inside your house. Eat and drink to your heart’s content.  On this way, you won’t need to buy and spend money while on your way to school.

6. Buy second hand books

Books even if old and used are still books and would give the same information. You can also use the books of your older brother who no longer needs it.  Check Amazon and eBay for second hand copies or get it for free from a website who swaps books.

7. Breathe before you buy

Say no to impulsive buying.  This will make you lose your money on things you don’t actually need. Always take some time to stop, relax, think and consider whether you need the stuff before purchasing. Help yourself or ask a friend to support you on your fight against temptation.

Before we dismiss, have you learned something about saving money? You are young and you have to take advantage of it. Try saving money now and you won’t be having a hard time on making yourself rich in the future.

  • http://accountantsalaryinfo.com Leo@CPA Salary

    I can attest to staying at home. Doing that was the only way I could afford college, which I needed to pay for by myself. Finished it in five years instead of four but got my diploma without going into debt.