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7 Rich People Problems

7 Rich People Problems Photo


It’s very chronic for common people to think that the upper-class individuals do not have any problems. Of course they are rich, what problems can they possibly have? Although the financial issue is not one of it, they have even bigger dilemmas to deal with everyday compared to ordinary citizens.

Here are some problems we don’t realize “some” of them might have:

Marriage problem

Accumulated misunderstanding is one among the many reasons why the marriage of rich couples goes down the drain. A simple issue of not having enough time for each other can grow into bigger problems of having third parties (or suspecting third parties). It’s also revealed from various studies that upper-class couples are less likely to undergo counseling compared to middle-class people.

Obsession with money

Despite the fact that they’re already rich, some couples still fight over finances. This can be because of their “obsession” with money. It may not be obvious, but it’s a fact that rich people are still very conscious and meticulous about every dollar in their bank accounts.

Exposure to drugs

Cocaine, morphine, heroin, marijuana, exogenous steroids, ecstasy – name it! Many (but definitely not all) rich individuals are guilty of being involved in such prohibited drugs. Experts say that this is because they can afford it and they assume that the consequences can be fixed by their cash. Although they can afford to go to the most expensive rehabilitation center, the mess they linked to their names cannot be erased.


Due to working too much, upper-class people are more prone to stress. Aside from being too exhausted, having problems with their businesses and the possibility of losing a certain amount of cash can also trigger stress.

Loneliness caused by self issues

Aristocrats also tend to have various self issues which can be quite difficult to fix. They tend to be arrogant, immoral and greedy. Often look down on people and see poor or even middle-class individuals as useless critters. No matter how rich you are, if you have these kinds of self issues, you will still have a lonely life.

Problems with their children

Regardless of their age, instances will always come wherein all they want is a little bonding time with their parents. This is where parent-children problems occur. Some teens who get too depressed on situations commit suicide while others lose control of their selves and turn into unlikable citizens. At this point, when the parents finally realize the problem, they just don’t know how to deal with their kids.

Less chances of having genuine friends

Whether you’re a son of a rich businessman or you are the businessman, having genuine friends is a big problem. Most people tend to be friends with upper-class people just to benefit from their money – nothing more nothing less. Just come to think of it, if the world falls apart and all you need a someone to talk to, do you think anyone will be there for you? Perhaps not unless you pay them to listen. Such a poor way of living indeed.