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7 Signs You’re Happy with Your Job

7 Signs you’re Happy with Your Job


Happiness in what you do for living is a real blessing to anyone experiencing it. It seems quite difficult to achieve this state especially nowadays that all are rushing to get the job done.

However it’s still possible to be happy in this busy world. Here are signs that you’re contented in what you do and that it’s one of the sources of happiness for you.

You’re contented

A feeling of fulfillment and contentment overwhelms your whole being every time you’re working. You’re very thankful for the things that you have that you couldn’t ask for anything more.

It’s possible that everything you need is met by the company and your colleagues. You feel that every level in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs have been satisfied by your current job.

You’re proud at what you do

There’s no need to cover up things or make your job sound more auspicious when asked what you do for a living. You’re proud to state your job just the way it is.

With your current job, you do feel like you’re contributing something to the community in return. When you’re proud in what you do, it will reflect in your actions and overall personality.

You feel challenged

The feeling of boredom doesn’t visit you in any form at all. You keep finding something new in your surroundings and you use it to continue improving yourself.

Self-motivation plays a key role in this one. Often times, when we get too comfortable with our job, we tend to lose focus or interest in our work. You feel the opposite, and instead find more ways to challenge yourself more.

You continue to learn

Education is a lifelong process. Learning keeps your interest intact and your motivation to know more about a certain subject continuously lit like fire. There is a driving force that pushes you to become better.

You keep finding something new in things you’ve been doing for a number of years. Sometimes, it might not be directly related to your job but it affects your whole being and your views in life.

You enjoy the company of your colleagues

Just like a preschool kid excited to go to school, meet his/her friends, eat lunch together, and do activities together, you’re very enthusiastic to go to work every day of your life.

You see your workplace not as something stressful, but a place that is fun-filled and exciting. You feel happy helping your colleagues in their work-related problems and you respect them for the things they can do for you in return. Competition can be felt but not in a way that breeds hate and envy in the workplace.

You see yourself working there for a long time

When you come across something you really want, you tend to stay close to it. If you’re happy with your work, you’ll want to stay there for a long time. You see a future with the company that would be fulfilling and beneficial for both parties.

You trust the management and everyone else

Trust in your company and the decisions they make is hard to come by. They should have exemplified excellent leadership and people handling to become trustworthy. If you feel that you’re valuable to the company, it can add to your trust in the management.

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    How about, you stay late everyday because time passes quickly, and can’t wait to get back to the office early the next day to continue where you left off. But you want to be careful not to burn out too quickly because of your devotion.

  • Ron B.

    That would be a nice addition to the list! Thank you for that :)