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7 Smart Shopping Tips

7 Smart Shopping Tips Photo


Wanna know how to shop smart? How can you save while you’re spending? Yeah you can, but not directly that is. So how do you exactly save? Well,  if you can lend your eyes a little longer, we’ll go on to some smart shop tips.

1. Go Eco-friendly

Hey why not shop and help mother nature at the same time. It isn’t really half bad to shop organic products. You’re healthier, they’re cheaper, and mother nature is happier.

Bring your own shopping bags instead of using plastic bags. You don’t have to spend on plastic for the groceries anymore. Another thing is using less plastic means, less plastic in the landfill. Which is actually a good thing if you’re wondering.

2. Go Online

Research  for companies that give out promos or free products. New products or those about to be phased out usually have promos when you buy them. You already got what you wanted, and still get a discount or another item.

There are a lot of deals or promos that you can find on the internet. You just gotta try and find the best ones to maximize your shopping experience. Or better yet try to browse the top online coupon sites.

3. Look For The Expiration Dates

Many just forget to look at these and end up in the hospital. If you do forget about the expiration dates, just notice discolorations in what you buy. It could mean that the product is expired or contaminated.

Always check this out before anything else. Expired food can send you to the hospital in no time. Safety always goes first.

4. Buy Quality Generic

Buying generic items in the grocery helps you save on a few dollars. Also, make sure at the same time that they are of quality. You don’t need branded items that perform like their cheaper counterpart. Go for generic and quality.

5. Second Hand is Not Half Bad

Second hand really isn’t really half bad. Doesn’t really mean that the products lost their quality. They’re just slightly used, but not all of them are poor quality. You just gotta pick the best ones first, but still work like a charm.

The social stigma doesn’t really matter. If you really wanna cut down on cost, don’t mind what people say. Second hands have their perks you know, like being cheaper than brand new ones.

6. Souvenir

Souvenirs are great but we don’t really need them. How about trying a different kind of remembrance like a photo instead. It’s a win-win situation because you got a remembrance but did not spend too much. Or just make a journal of the souvenir you wanted to buy.

 7. Shop Alone

If you think about it, shopping with your kids or other people can be annoying. Especially the kids that have a sweet tooth and ask you to buy what they want. Better off alone that with the kids.

On the other hand, if you shop with a  buddy, you’ll be pressured to keep up with the Joneses. That’s more of an impulse though.