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7 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People

7 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People


At some point in your life you’ll come across people who are difficult to deal with. The important thing is you know how to properly deal with the person without aggravating the situation.

Follow these simple strategies on how to deal with seemingly difficult people and save yourself from becoming a difficult person yourself.

Keep your calm

In any situation, it’s important to be calm and always keep a clear head. Decisions are easier to come by if you’re free from any bias or emotional attachment. A calm person also exudes more confidence and control over a situation.

Avoid labeling people

Profiling is the use of specific characteristics of a person to deduce his/her overall personality. This could cause problems since you’re prematurely judging a person based only on his/her appearance. Chances are you only know the name of a person, not his entire personality.

Dismiss any chinwag you’ve heard about a person. Taking gossips seriously would create a prejudice and could possibly cloud your judgment in situations involving that person.

Show respect

There might be situations wherein someone will approach you, all flared up for a fight. You might get shouted at or even get some cursing but it’s important to stay calm and still show some respect despite the situation.

You don’t put out fire with fire too. Act as the water in the argument, negating the heat from the discussion. Respect others if you want to get respected too.

Never publicly defame a person, even if he/she is doing that exact thing to you. Keep your composure and confront the situation properly.

Try to put yourself in his/her shoes

Sometimes, it just takes time for you to understand the other person’s arguments. There’s certainly a reason behind the way he/she acts toward you. If you can’t decipher it on your own, you can try asking the other party directly if there are issues you don’t know of.

Try seeing things the way he/she does. Even if you think he/she is not making any sensible point, you shouldn’t make hasty judgments. You’ll never know when the situation can turn against you.

Make them understand your point

Discussions should involve a give and take process. First, try to understand the point of the other party; what are their concerns? What can you do to alleviate the situation? Understand the whole situation first before anything else.

Next, make them see things your way. Explain to them calmly your side of the story. Settle any dispute and meet halfway as much as possible.

Get more perspective

Try consulting your other colleagues to get more perspective on the situation. They could have seen something you missed or the other way around.

Share them the situation if it’s all too confusing for you. Listen to pieces of advice they give. They might have encountered a similar situation and their insights would be of great help in resolving issues.

Ask for help

If all can’t be resolved through private settlement, it would be a good idea to ask for help from the higher-ups. Use this only as a final option and if all other methods have failed.

When negotiations have come to a standstill, someone with more authority could get things moving. Remember not to exercise this option all the time. Your manager might think you’re incapable of handling problems on your own.