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7 Ways to Avoid Stress

7 Ways to Avoid Stress Photo


It must be boring to experience no challenges. It’s the thing that’s responsible on making our lives interesting. Stress might be one of those challenges but there is nothing we can’t win over. Here are some of the things we need to practice to build a defense against stress.

1. Breathe

The very first thing to do that you should not forget after encountering a stressful event is to breathe. If you don’t want lose your temper or succumb to different negative feelings, take some time to relax yourself.

Before letting go some harsh words and violent reactions, stop. Think then breathe deeply. It might change your mind and save you from doing something which you might regret. So manage stress and continue to be live life by breathing.

2. Say no to alcohol

Depression, anxiety and stress come in every drop of alcohol. To get away from these negative feelings, stay away from it. For some people, drinking wines and other alcoholic beverages is a diversion and it would make them feel relieved. What they don’t know is that, they are only risking themselves towards the bad effects of depression.

If you happened to be in the parties, you can avoid drinking alcohol by coming up with an excuse that you will drive.  You can also say that it’s bad for you, but the fact is, it’s bad for all people.

3. Listen to music

Music helps your mind and heart to relax. First, select your music. Metal and Gothic songs might just make you feel more bitter and worse. It is recommended to listen to classical and quiet music.

Seconds after hearing the tune, the melody will start to calm you down. It helps your mind to shift from the bad news and think about good memories.  Feel like saying “thank you for the music?”

4.  Surround yourself with people you want

This section is not telling you to become picky when it comes to friends.  It would only suggest that if you feel like you’ve got enough, find sanctuary with the people you love.  As long as you feel heavy because of stress, be with them for a while.

If these people won’t be able to be with you physically, giving them a call would help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, advice or even to invite them to come over. Do as much as you can when it comes to helping your spirit recover.

5. Look around

Before you do this, make sure that you are not surrounded by people you don’t like. Go outdoors for some fresh air. A nice garden, stream side or a quiet park would help.  This is where you should start looking around and focus on different things. Enjoy the flowers, trees, the sunset and any beautiful thing that’s within the reach of your senses.

6. Hot tea anyone?

On stressful days, coffee won’t be able to help. In fact, it will only make your stressed condition a lot worse. Try making yourself some tea, ask loved ones to make them for you or go to a shop yourself. Here are some must tries:

  • Mints
  • Green tea
  • German chamomile tea
  • Ginseng
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Catnip
  • Lavender

7. Love yourself

Buy things for yourself, go to spa, meditate, exercise or have a nice long shower. It depends on what you think will make yourself happy. Accept your life, be what you are and be proud. All the above given suggestions on how to love yourself will make you feel better and keep you away from stress.