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7 Ways to Get Promoted

7 Ways to Get Promoted Photo


Businesses are growing fast and they need new people to lead the pack. If your ambition is to become a successful manager, you need to get it planned when you first entered the company. After being equipped of the right tools and knowledge, make sure to grab the opportunity. To help you out on your journey, here are some tips:

1. Be a reliable employee

If you want to move to a higher position, you must maintain excellent records. During an internal hiring process, a lot of interviews will be scheduled for you. You will be asked of many questions and they might get it from your statistics. As much as possible don’t be tardy and avoid absences. You will have a hard time defending yourself in an interview if the management questioned your tardiness or absences.  Remember that a lot of companies prefer on promoting employees with a perfect score on reliability/attendance.

2. Go for the extra mile

If you are a candidate for a higher position, your bosses will expect a lot from you. This might mean that there would be times that you have to work outside your schedule. Also, you would be doing a lot of tasks that you never handled before. At the same time, you should be doing well with the old work that you’ve got. “Multitask” as they say! Show that you are putting some extra efforts on a project or some tasks. The bosses will notice it and this is going to be a good point for you. Exceed their expectations and you will surely be on the top of their list.

3. Be a team player

You have to show everyone that you enjoy and efficient on work with the team. Do not show any signs that you are not collaborative and you prefer to work on your own. You may excel on a lot of things but collaboration and teamwork is necessary if you want to lead.

4. Make commitments and show dedication

Promising is good as long as you make it happen. Keep on doing this and people will trust every word that you say. When it comes to your work office, inform the leaders of what you can do and accomplish it. Finish the task assigned to you and you’ve volunteered for ahead of time. Be in the office a few minutes before your shift and be the last to leave. It will surely catch your manager’s eye and you are one step closer again towards the vacant chair that you want.

5. Ask for help

Look for a supervisor and ask him to be your mentor. In some cases,  supervisors offer help and mentoring to their team member who’s running for the position. A mentor will guide you through the tests and will give you hints on how to win it.

6. Learn more

You must have realized from the very first day of your job that you have to learn more things. You may have learned a lot from your school but it doesn’t stop there. Actually, you had only started as learning is a lifelong process. Do you still remember the training you’ve went through before you hit the operation or production area? You’ve learned there and you’ve learned more on the succeeding weeks. Now, it has to happen again as an edge or a preparation for your new role in the company. Let everyone see that you are ready to take on the job and that you are eager to learn more.

7. Dress to kill

Now that you are aiming for a hot spot you need to be more conscious of how you look. Yes, it is the talent, experience and interest that matters but your appearance is also a factor. People do judge you on your appearance so it’s better to look like a prince in a professional attire. Remember to wear the proper clothes, look professional, and maintain the right attitude.