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7 Ways to Make Money from Music

7 Ways to Make Money from Music


You’re hobby for music can turn into a source of income. Making money out of music is no easy task though.

Popularity plays a big factor in this one. If you’ve just decided to venture a career in music, you need to build a lot of rep before you can squeeze the juices out of this career. It can even take years just to get to a certain level of popularity.

To give you an idea how you can make money out of music, read through the following points below.


Maybe the best part of being a performer is you get to play in front of a lot of people. It may not be profitable enough but the experience you get is much more fulfilling.

Even known bands and musicians don’t get much from stage shows. It’s the reputation you get that will generate money in the future.

The venue and crowd also plays a big factor in having a successful performance.


Write a song for more famous bands or groups. It would be better if you can perform it yourself, but that’s not always the best way to do it.

Some make profit by writing jingles for TV ads or radio shows. Writing theme songs for movies and media programs are also ways to make good use of your songwriting talent.

Remember to have your song copyrighted so you’ll have legal rights over it. Sell it to recording companies to make money out of it. You could even generate some cash through royalties on your work.


You can use your knowledge in music to teach others too. Give special music lessons and do some home tutoring during the weekends. Teach kids the basics like note reading and proper instrument handling.

If you’ve earned a degree in music, you have the chance to work in the academe and be a regular music teacher.

Album sales

This is how many musicians make money in their career. The gigs and other stuff are just acts to lead the crowd into buying record albums.

But of course you need to have a good reputation before you get your album in the market. Many musicians start by giving away free copies of their albums to people they know to gain support. Some sell it for a very cheap price just to recover a part of what they spent in production.

They also submit a copy to recording companies and try to convince them that their music is worth something. Once the album hits the market, that’s when good stuff comes.


You can gain extra bucks if your music is used in ways other than playing it from your album. Your permission is needed before organizations or individuals can use it in movies, games, or as campaign jingles. Just make sure that all the legalities regarding music copyright have been processed so you can legally demand for royalties.

Help in productions

Having a good ear is required of musicians. Use this talent to help in the sound system during concerts, TV shows or movie productions.

Become an instant sound engineer and be paid for your hearing talent.

Selling other merchandises

Aside from your album, you can sell other stuff to people during your gigs. Sell customized shirts, caps or any object with the signature of all the members of your band. You can even sell lunch or snacks or promote a food booth beside the stage you’re performing.

Selling merchandises works two ways: you gain money from the goods you sell and you promote yourself to increase reputation points.