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7 Ways to Recycle Paper

7 Ways to Recycle Paper PhotoDid you know recycling paper can save you more money than you imagined?

In the office, we sometimes neglect the importance of recycling paper. We print on it, write on it, and then throw it away.

In our homes, we do the same don’t we?

But what if we re-used paper? What if we wrote on the backside instead of throwing it away quickly? What if we shredded it and used it as cushion for the deliveries we’re shipping?

If we did those, then we need not buy more paper. We need not buy new things when practicality can do.

We can save by recycling paper. Wikipedia certainly thinks so. So does National Geographic. We know you think so too.

Here are cool and practical ways to recycle paper. They don’t cost much but sensibly saves you money:

1. How to make your own paper at home

Schools today teach children the value of conservation and recycling. As a matter of fact, projects are assigned to demonstrate reprocessing. When grades are involved, it’s definitely important to hand in an impressive material.

Making your own paper is the coolest project. It’s a little difficult to make, maybe it’ll take a day to finish.  You’ll even have to be creative …

But once done, teachers will definitely give your child an A+. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Gather used paper, light colored paper will produce whiter ones.
  • Puree used paper with water in a blender
  • Strain the paste onto a fine screen and let dry. You can use a hairdryer after the water has been strained.
  • The finished material will be a thick and sturdy paper. It will be perfect for making invitations or other home made cards.
  • Here’s a more detailed version of how it’s done: how to make paper at home

2. Use old newspaper to absorb odors from shoes

Does your wife nag you about how stinky your shoes are? Well, you’re not alone. Thousands are being harassed right now!

A kind of moist heat in shoes causes bacteria to proliferate thus the smell. If you can’t wash your shoes today, maybe you can diminish the smell. With used newspaper, you can plug the smell from your shoes and just let the paper absorb the smell.

According to a 2005 technical bulletin, paper absorbs humidity. Putting these inside shoes will lessen bacteria activity.

Another good thing it does is that it keeps the shoes’ shapes.

3. Clean your windows with used paper

Did you know newspaper could clean windows better than cloth? Yep they can.

With your cleaning solution, wet windows then wipe with used paper. Newspaper as example doesn’t have lint that’s left behind when cleaning glass. You can also use newspaper to clean mirrors.

4. Wrap fruits to ripen

According to Ask Yahoo, fruits can ripen quicker when wrapped with paper. Natural hormones in fruits are released but are trapped by paper. This in turn hastens the ripening process.

Fruits that ripen quickly when wrapped by paper:

  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Tomatoes

5. Use paper to protect breakables

If you’re packing breakables, used paper is a great way to protect them. Crumple old news paper or you can shred paper. Put these in between breakables and the packing box.

Recycle paper when giving away presents, put it between the present and the box. It not only absorbs moisture, it serves as cushion to protect too. Using paper to protect glasses, mirrors, bowls are the cheapest ways to pack.

6. Create decorative bins

You can create a trash bin from any kind of paper. This is an artistic creation that can look good in the house. Here, take a look at the picture: recycled paper trash bin 

  • With your spare time, you can roll colorful paper into strips.
  • Glue the edges so it won’t unfold.
  • Roll those strips into circles and glue the circles together to shape a basket.

7. Use paper to germinate seeds

You can recycle paper and help seeds grow at the same time.

In your garden, spread seeds in between damp old newspapers. In a matter of days, seeds will germinate. You can also use used paper towels for germinating seeds.

Take a look at this forum from garden enthusiasts. Recycled paper and seed germination