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7 Ways to Reduce Your Annual Expenses

7 Ways to Reduce Your Annual Expenses Photo


After the computation of your annual expenses, you must be asking yourself for so many times. Like how did it become this big and why did I spend this much? If you are having lots of regrets, sorry you can’t repeat history. But, the good thing here is, there are some ways to minimize this lost.

1. Mind your utilities

Utilities are always present in your monthly and annual budget. Not only that, it also consumes a huge chunk from your allotted funds. Working on cutting this down could be a huge help to reduce your expenses. Here are some big ways on how to address your utilities.

  • Turn off the lights/appliances/computers if not in use. Unplugging devices and appliances will prevent from further generation of usages.
  • Cut lines that are not in use or you find unnecessary. Cables, extra telephone lines from different providers and multiple post-paid mobile services are some examples. How many channels do you need or you can watch at the same time? You can try to watch some movies and TV series on the internet as an alternative.
  • Try getting money saving plans from providers. Check on different carriers for internet, bundle, mobile and fixed line to see who can provide the best offer.

2.  Consider your health

Cutting down on expenses doesn’t mean that you have to let yourself get caught by sickness. Otherwise, this implies that you give more care to yourself to save you from bigger invoices. Imagine the cost of your vitamins versus hospital bills, consultation fees and medicines.

3. Check your routine expenses

Soda, beer, coffee and snacks are some of the food purchases we do every day.  Include the DVD rental, lottery tickets and cigarette packs. This may not be as expensive as others but it adds up quickly.  Eliminating all of these can contribute on your annual financial status.

4. Search for pre-owned items

Recycling helps mother earth and our pockets too!  If you need something, consider looking into large thrift stores, cheap garage sales and save a lot more. You can also check on eBay, Amazon or other online sites for bargains.

5. Rediscover fashion

It may look like giving some fashion tips but this is intended more on saving money. Instead of buying new clothes, bring out everything in your closet and discover combinations. As “fashionistas” would say, mix and match but this time, without the price tags!

6. Avoid debts

Minimize credit card transactions or cut it off totally. With this way, you won’t get tempted and one less invoice to pay for you. Another good thing is that, you’ll be saved from worries of credit card debt and huge interest charges.

7.  Share the house bills

Find someone who can share the rent, phone or electricity bills with you. If you own the house, you can rent out a spare room and ask them to pay a portion of your invoices. Yes, this one could be more of a money earning tip. At the same time, it lessens your burden on different utility bills.