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8 Best Ways to Organize Coupons

8 Best Ways to Organize Coupons Photo


With this global recession we’re experiencing, it’s not unusual for people to try all possible ways to save up. Indeed, you are not alone in terms of finding ways to pad your savings account, or perhaps pinch pennies. Aside from cutting the grocery list to start with, shopping with coupons is also a handy tip.

Regardless if you’re still starting or if you’re already a savvy coupon shopper, the method of organizing coupons is quite important. You’ll surely save more time and hassle since you don’t have to deal with a chaotic bundle of coupons on your hands.

Use a fabric organizer

If your creative juice can’t be kept in a box, then using it in creating your very own fabric coupon organizer would be perfect. This is one stylish and unique way to have your discount tickets well fixed without dealing with bulky plastic organizers. It can also be attached to cart handles, so you don’t have to dig in your jungle bag with this one.

Index card box

If you want a more official look, buying an index card box would be advisable. Who would think that discount coupons are in that formal-looking box? You can also make additional dividers within the box.

Three-pocket caddy

There are also tons of coupon caddies available thus, it will be a lot easier for you to organize and search for your coupons if you need one. Attach a three-pocket caddy on your cart and you’re good to go.

Organize by category

Organizing your coupons by category such as food, medication or beauty products it just a wise thing to do. This will easily help you pull out the coupon you need without shuffling it with the others. You can also determine easily if you have a coupon for a certain food since you only have to search on one section and not on the entire bundle.

Expiration date matters

It’s quite healthy to arrange your coupons in such as way that you’ll be reminded with their expirations. So taking note of the void date is another important thing to consider. After all, who would want to keep a bundle of expired tickets?

Do it alphabetically

The most common way to arrange discount tickets is to do it alphabetically. May it be by product type or by brand name, you can easily flip through it while shopping; no need to deal with scattered coupons on the floor.

Try out a software

Because technology is very useful today, organizing your coupons can also be done with the help of a software. Most software is free; however some may necessitate a couple of dollars. However, you will not only have an organized coupon list but also a printable one.

Accordion file

A small accordion file is yet another handy idea when it comes arranging discount tickets. Because it has the perfect small size, it can easily fit in your purse or even your pocket. You can also incorporate it with a coupon binder especially if you have many discount tickets.