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8 Cheap Family Vacation Ideas

8 Cheap Family Vacation Ideas


You deserve a great vacation! Let this time off be a reward for the countless hours you spent at work.

Thinking about the sunny days you’ll spend with the family already? It brings out a smile just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Vacations are fun and don’t let the worries of overspending spoil it. Here are cheap ways to make family bonding memorable.

1. Camping

Camping is a fantastic idea. It’s cheap, it’s fun and lets you enjoy the outdoors. You can do many sorts of things at day and at night:

  • Building campfires and roasting marshmallows
  • Star gazing
  • Hiking
  • If the campsite’s near water, you can fish or swim

Camping is cheap but needs a lot of preparation. Consult with people who’ve done it and choose a great campsite. Campsite cost: $25

2. Vacation at beaches

You’ve got to bring your family to beaches every once in a while. At the beach, you’re really not spending much. It’s just enjoying swimming, sunbathing and surfing you do.

It’s accommodation and food you’ll have to spend on. To save in those, you might want to:

  • Google hotels, motels, condos, houses near the beach. Check their price ranges.
  • Pack your own food or buy food out of the beach area. Cooking it in your rented place will save. You should do this for most beach restaurants and even groceries are over priced.

According to an article, it’s better to visit beaches in the off season. Accommodation prices are not so hurting in the pocket during this time.

3. Visit festivals

Will there be a grand celebration outside town soon? Take that opportunity to get out of the house. You can check in to hotels and stay for a few days.

Festivals are fun for they last a few days up to a week. You and the family can enjoy carnival rides and watch parades. You can enjoy watching competitions and eating free food!


  • International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque
  • Tournament of Roses Parade
  • McPherson Scottish Festival
  • Crab and lobster festival
  • Dodge City Days Rodeo

If budget is really tight, your own local festival will be cool enough. Spend a day relaxing by just eating, watching and riding.

4. Visit a nearby town or city

With or without grand occasions, you can still have fun out of town. Exploring a nearby town/city is way cheaper than going outside the state.

While in that nearby city or town, you can explore their scenic spots. You can dine in their most popular restaurants and observe customs and traditions.

5. National parks

You’ll love visiting national parks. They’re a symbol of the country. If you’re near one, don’t hesitate to go vacationing.

In general, entrance to national parks is cheap. Yellowstone for example charges $25.

Yosemite is another beautiful, beautiful place to visit. At Yosemite you can save says Usnews.com because:

  • There’s free bus services
  • You can camp
  • There are fair priced accommodations outside the park

6. A day at a nearby resort

Only got a day for a relaxing vacation? Try visiting a local resort.

Swimming pools, tennis, soothing massages… feeling good does not have to be far away. It can be an hour’s ride from your home. To make it more interesting, you can stay at that resort for a night.

7. Visit family

Give your children some time to bond with their grandparents. And yes, this is a cheap family vacation. No accommodation fees, and best of all, you’re most welcome.

Time it on Thanksgiving or Christmas or Fourth of July.

If you want more freedom while visiting family, you can make early reservations at hotels. This way, you can stroll around town and see family.

8. Rent a friend’s cabin / beach house

Got any friends who have property you can rent? This is an awesome idea to save!

Explore the outdoors when you’re at a cabin. Hiking and treasure hunting can be fun for kids. At night, you can bond in front of the fireplace and share stories.

A beach house is most definitely cool. Renting a friend’s beach house is way cheaper than hotels.

Bring with you a metal detector, kids will enjoy coin hunting. You and the Mrs. on the other hand can bathe in the sun.

  • http://www.hotelswithindoorwaterparks.com/ Mat @ HotelsWithIndoorWaterParks.com

    Good tips. A lot of resorts these days have indoor water parks (or at least pools). It’s like getting a beach vacation without flying anywhere (well, not really – but it’s close enough). Definitely a great option during the winter, if you have one close by.