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8 Dumb Things to Do with Money


Have you ever wonder why you feel like money just slip out of your hands?  Is it too greasy or it’s just you who doesn’t know how to handle? This will help you see why money disappears so fast for some people.

1. Overspending

The most popular activity for shopaholics, impulsive buyers and people who don’t have spending plans. Here are some examples where people tend to spend a lot of money:

  • Eating in fancy restaurants
  • Brand name clothes, shoes, bags, etc.
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Gourmet coffee
  • Small convenient purchases (snacks, sodas, etc.)

Yes, it feels good to shop and buy a lot of things but what happens next? Empty pockets, debts and more money related problems that you can imagine.

2.  Savings goes last

For a lot of people, savings means left over money. Like money that’s left after spending is the money worth keeping. Unfortunately, there is always no balance remaining on their pockets /ATM before the next pay check. If this continues, paydays and bonuses will pass but savings will remain at zero.

3.  Buying possessions for self-esteem

Look rich or be rich, it is your choice. But since we are talking about wrong moves, it is a mistake to choose the first one.  Some people love to appear successful even though they are aware that it is too expensive. And what happens after attempting to derive self-esteem from things? – Nothing.

4. Lending to someone who can’t pay

Trusting souls sometimes end up being broke. Out of sympathy, they are lending money to individuals without a contract. Sometimes they don’t bother to check if the person has the ability to pay debts.

5. Loyalty loss

This is about putting your entire investment portfolio in company stock.  Some people tend to tie all of their money on their employer out of loyalty. This is like suicide!

Imagine if your company goes down, you will lose your pay check. This one is definitely not good for anyone. What more if you lose your entire investment portfolio? This had happened before and it is possible that the scandal would happen again to other companies.

6. Credit card issues

Credit card is money, but it is not free. The bank sees it that you owe them once you swipe the card. So misuse of it would also mean unwise spending. Here are some examples of credit card misconceptions and wrong ways on using it:

  • Not keeping in mind that every purchase should be paid
  • Charging all items on your credit card even if you can pay those with cash
  • Impulsive buying
  • Using credit card for travel

7. Buying a brand new car

Car is something that people need for travel. Brand new car is something more of a luxury than necessity. If you buy a new car for transportation, then that means you are throwing a lot of money. Cars value depreciate faster that it’s speed.

If you are not rich and you plan to buy a brand new car, think it over. This is surely not a good move, especially if you are going to borrow money.

8. Buying a house you can’t afford

Buying a big one in a nice real estate land is nice to hear. It is everyone else’s dream. However, if you don’t earn that much, it could be a big problem. This will cost you time, money, headaches and lots of sacrifices.