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8 Energy Saving Ideas

8 Energy Saving Ideas PhotoSaving on your budget is influenced by a lot of factors. Your spending behavior, as well as fluctuations in your monthly bills places a massive impact on how much you will be able to put into your savings. Along with this, reducing your energy consumption will allow you to cut a larger cost of your regular monthly expenses. Choosing to be more eco-friendly and conserving energy can be easily accomplished using the following useful tips:

Clean the furnace on a regular basis

Make sure to clean and maintain your furnace. A furnace, which is clogged with dirt particles, can strain the motor and cause more energy to be used in heating your home.

Adjust the thermostat setting

To conserve energy effectively, adjust the thermostat to 60o F during winter as you sleep or leave home. You can set it to 68o F on your regular waking hours while you are at home. This will allow you to save on your bills during the winter.

Make use of the sun’s heat

Heat from the sun can effectively help heat the indoor environment of your home. During winter, open up your window drapes and shades to allow the sun’s heat get in your home.

Space heater

A handy space heater can effectively warm an entire room and will not need you to use the furnace and heat the entire house. However, it will cost a lot more if you utilize a portable space heater to warm the whole house.

Circulate indoor air effectively

During a hot weather, a ceiling fan can help blow air downwards to cool you down. During the winter, a fan blowing upwards will help distribute warm air in the ceiling evenly throughout a room.

Effectively circulating the air will help reduce energy consumption used in regulating your home’s indoor temperature. Use a fan together with the air conditioner especially if a room is relatively spacious.

Use the timer of your air conditions

Set the timer on your AC unit to turn off in time when you depart home for work and turn on as you return. This will allow you to conserve much energy.

Install AC’s on appropriate locations

Mount your air conditioning unit in the middle of the room. Mount the air conditioner on the window or wall located near the center, or at the center of the room being cooled. This will allow easy regulation of the air in the entire area and save energy efficiently.

Also mount your AC’s in locations which is not directly exposed to the sun. Positioning it in a shady place will help it work more efficiently.

Position lights appropriately

Make sure that you install lights closer to your working area. Avoid lighting an unused spot to help save energy. Also make it a habit to turn off the light if it is not in use. Using timers will also help avoid unnecessary waste of energy.

Make use of LED lights for less energy consumption. It lasts longer compared to incandescent lights.

There are a lot of ways to save energy at home or in the office, and practicing them comes with a lot of benefits.