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8 Major Causes of Stress

8 Major Causes of Stress Photo


No one wants to get stressed. But in reality, they are unavoidable.

Knowing the leading causes of stress could help you prepare for them at best. It’s the best way you can do to live a better and healthy life.

Loss of a loved one

Possibly the most depressing cause of stress is the death of a loved one. The closer your relationship is with the deceased, the more strain it brings.

Death is probably the hardest problem to overcome among other leading stressors. Add the financial burden it brings and you have an unbearable combination.

Overcoming this situation takes a lot of time, patience, and support from the remaining loved ones. It’s important that the living help each other out to recover from the loss.


Money makes the world go round that’s why finance-related problems are also stressful. Money-related dilemmas bring about a number of issues with it too: where will you get food? Where to get cash to pay for shelter? How about children’s educational needs? The string of problems is a long one.

Too much money can also cause stress. You’ll have the issue of where to store or invest it. How will you maintain the steady circulation of money? It might sound insensitive to those who don’t have money but it’s the reality of life.

Relationship problems

Divorce could be psychologically and emotionally taxing to involved parties. If there children are involved, the harder it is to deal with parenting problems. It’s also quite expensive to file for divorce or annulment and the process could last for years.

Even breakups can be stressful, especially to young adults. It could be demoralizing and a cause of lowered self-esteem in teenagers.


Physical defects or major diseases like cancer cause emotional and psychological stress to the person and possibly the people around him/her. Differently-abled and seriously ill individuals might think about the responsibilities that have been abandoned because of their situation. The possibility of blaming themselves for their incapacities should be closely guarded by their relatives to avoid further complications.

Weight-related problems have been alarmingly increasing nowadays. Obese people face serious health problems and the added fear of getting battered with foul comments from others.


Family-related issues and heated arguments are also major causes of stress. Keeping a good relationship with the family is very important for most individuals, explaining why even a simple internal problem can be an issue.

School problems for children, divorce issues, pregnancies, and financial matters are some of the common causes of problems inside a family.

Marriage and pregnancy

Both bring additional responsibilities to entities involved. Major life decisions like these need careful planning and weighing.

Everyone should be properly prepared first before diving in the situation. Emotional, mental and financial stability are some of the requirements needed to be fulfilled to avoid future complications.


Issues with colleagues and management are the most common issues tackled in this area. Stress could come from be a dispute between you and your colleagues, a heated argument with your boss, or discontent with your overall role.

Salary issues and possibility of layoffs are also some of the problems an individual might face.

Personal issues

Not all stressors come from external factors. Some are self-generated and should be faced alone by a person. Some of the most common internal issues include: fear of uncertainty, pessimism, self-pitying, unrealistic expectations, being a perfectionist, and lack of assertiveness.

Consulting psychological counsel could help in overcoming these personal issues.