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8 Small Scale Business Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a lot of capital to start a profitable business. In fact, the most important thing in beginning a business is the idea rather than the capital.

Provided you know who your target market is, with time you will capture your market share. Here are 8 small scale business ideas that you could try:

Wedding Planning

It is still cool to get married in a ceremony. In the US for instance, 7 people per 1000 got married in 2009. In other words, over 2 million marriages were performed in that year.

This data does not include unofficial wedding ceremonies which also need wedding planners. Wedding planning does not need much capital since the couple usually offers a deposit or even pay in full.


Today more than ever before, people are shopping online. Statistics from the US department for trade show that sale on the internet grew by 14.8% in 2010 to hit the 165 billion dollar mark. Apart from the vast market, the cost of developing and marketing a website are at an all time low.

Dog/Cat Walking

A research done by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) showed that 55% of dogs and cats are obese/ overweight. Well, this statistic is depressing but not to a business minded person.

APOP advices pet owners to regularly walk their pets so as prevent obesity. However, not many pet owners do not have time to do so and therein is a business opportunity.


Provided you can cook very well, it is virtually impossible go wrong with a food business. Why? It does not matter whether the economy is down or up, people will need to eat. In addition, most career people have no time to cook and need someone to cook for them regularly.

Cleaning Services

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. In that statement lays a business idea since people will always need cleaning services.

In the past, only big companies sought external help for cleaning. Not any more, if you decide to offer cleaning services, homes will be your biggest market.

Life/Career Coaching

It is said that motivation is like a shower; you need it daily. Life or career coaching is being taken seriously by people allover the world.

Success in this business depends on your ability to speak clearly. Coaching needs are slowly expanding from the traditional teens to adults providing an even larger market.


In a capitalistic society, most people specialize in delivering one skill. Since most people have one skill, the result is interdependence. To be a consultant, you only need to know something that other people do not.

The next step is to market the skill. In consultancy, referrals are king; therefore, you can afford to do a shoddy job at anytime.

Selling Cosmetics

Use of cosmetics is the simplest and cheapest way for humans to feel good about themselves. Therefore, just like the food business, selling cosmetics is virtually recession-proof. Selling cosmetics has been made even easier by the use of the internet.