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8 Tips to Avoid Being Stuck on Debt

8 Tips to Avoid Being Stuck on Debt PhotoBeing stuck on debt is a problem – a very big one. This can be a big hindrance towards financial security and an opening for being broke. To eliminate this, you must act as early as possible. Here are some tips to avoid a lifelong of being stuck on debt.

1. Pay off your credit card bill

As fast as possible, pay all your credit card balances. Do not let those balances remain on your bill for a long time. The interest charges will grow and it will make you drown on debt.

Resist the temptation of making a minimum payment. Doing so will only make your next bill to be as huge as your spend limit. If you have the money, pay for the whole bill to minimize your worries.

2. Stop increasing your debt

If you already owe money from someone or from the bank, stop thinking of more loans to make. Stop and think about where will you get the money to pay for all of those debts?

You may be thinking of money that might come on the next days, weeks or months. But keep in mind that money which is worth counting is the money that’s in your hands. Do not include the money that is yet to come on all of your budget or computations. This might be gone on the process and you’ll end up owing money for a long time instead of having it paid immediately.

3. Do not get another credit card

Avoid other credit card offers. If you feel yourself being stuck on debt with your first credit card, why think about getting another one. If you have been experiencing debt crisis with one credit card, think of what will happen to you if you’ve got one or two more.

4. Avoid eating out

If you want to enjoy food, cook at home. You need to stop finding joy on spending too much money on food. Eating out from the fanciest hotels to fast food restaurants is way too expensive than cooking your own food at home.

5. Don’t spend more that you can earn

Think of how much money you are earning in a month. Then think of how much you are spending in a month. If your spending is a lot higher than your earnings, then we can expect that you have an existing loan or you are about to make one.

Track your spending and make it less every day. Make a list of everyday expenses and before the day ends, make an assessment of which items can be removed without causing you any harm.

6. Follow a strict and right budget

Make a list, organize a budget plan and stick to it. You can set goals for yourself and by following a proper budget; you can learn where you can potentially earn more money.

7. Take advantages of bonuses and salary increase

If you receive a bonus, you can spend and enjoy some of those but use the most for your needs. One of your needs is the need to be free from debt. Take advantage of the bonuses and use all or some of it to pay off your debt. You can also take a portion of a salary increase to pay your debt or owed money in a regular basis.

8.  Quit money burning habits

Do you often come to the casino or a night club? Do you love to play poker and other card games? You might win and gain a lot of money on the start but it’s impossible to keep your luck as time goes by.  So what is the best thing to do about it? Stop – before your addiction makes your debt a lot worse.