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8 Ways to Help Poverty Victims

8 Ways to Help Poverty Victims PhotoIf you’re feeling low on good karma points, now is the right time to invest yourself in a charity. Aside from the innate sense of contentment, doing good deeds can make you feel like you have a purpose and will expand your worldview.

While there are numerous causes that you can help out in, you might want to consider poverty victims first. Extreme poverty is defined as those who live on below $1.25 a day. Right now, around 21% of the world if afflicted by poverty.

But charity isn’t limited to putting money in an envelope. There are countless engaging ways to make a difference, without having to shell out any dough.

1. Research

With the power of the internet, all it takes is a couple of clicks to locate a charity nearest you. Try to read up on the different activities that each charity conducts, and find one that is closely suited to your interests.

Non-profit organizations are getting increasingly creative with their methods. If you have a background working in construction, Habitat for Humanity would be perfect for you. More into reading and teaching children? Point your browser over at Read International.

Don’t let the misconception that charity is boring or requires a lot of time and money stop you from making a difference. With all the different organizations today, doing charity work is fun and fulfilling as well.

2. Share your knowledge

Once you’ve read up on a charity or two that interests you, share the information with your friends! Invite a couple of them to tutor  or build houses with you.

Once they know about the dire poverty situation pervading the world, they’d be more than happy to help. Ignorance is one of the main problems why charities aren’t getting a lot of attention.

Do your part in informing your social circle that such initiatives exist. Call, email, text or tweet about it, the possibilities for information dissemination are endless.

3. Give your time

Charity is more than just talk. Make it a point to devote an hour or two of your weekend to interact with poverty stricken individuals or activists of the cause.

This is important because once you’ve put a face to the problem, it will be harder to ignore it. First hand experience is also important so that you see how much of a difference you can actually make in their lives.

4. Make it a habit

Once you’ve started with a charity, be able to commit to it. Most of these organizations are undermanned and the last thing they need is another member that they can’t count on.

According to a study conducted by the Corporation for National and Community Service found out that more than one out of every three Americans who volunteered in 2006 has failed to show commitment in the following years.

So sign up for projects, volunteer to head committees or be a foster brother or sister to someone. These will give you a sense of responsibility and will push you to come back.

5. Be patient

With poverty being such an over-arcing problem, it is important that you be generous not just with your time, but with patience as well. Sometimes it takes a while to see tangible effects, especially when you’re working with a community.

Soldier on and don’t lose hope. Remember that there are people wo are counting on your perseverance. Look to other activists for support and counsel once you feel burdened by your responsibilities.

6. Make your voice heard

Once you are passionate about a cause, don’t stop at just telling family and close friends. Organize information drives or talks in schools about poverty to help spread the message.

So put it upon yourself to educate as many people as you can. Sometimes it is necessary to think big especially when fighting a war with poverty.

7. Remember the poor on your special days

Do you really need another lotion giftset for your birthday? Save your friends from the stress of shopping, and request to have donations made in your name as gifts instead.

Aside from money going to a good cause, this would also inform your friends that such charities exist. As an extra, maybe you can spend a couple of birthdays in the charity as well by providing a free meal to the poverty stricken.

8. Be charitable 24/7

Don’t limit your being charitable to the weekends. There are numerous little ways to help the poor everyday.

Offer a bit of breakfast to the beggar on the street. Clean out your closet and give your extra clothing to a Salvation Army. Constantly look for ways on how you can be of service to the poor.