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8 Ways to Save While Traveling

8 Ways to Save While Traveling


It’s now time to give yourself a treat after days of really hard work.  One of the good treats is by having an out of town vacation. If you feel that you still need to save or lessen your expenses, we’re here to help. Here are some tips for you to save you from the stress and from having a misadventure story.

1. Minimize before-travel purchases

People tend to buy a lot of things before a trip. It is practical to be ready but buying more than what you need would be a waste. Remember that saving money should start before you hit the road. Save early or have your pockets emptied before the trip.

2. Consider off-peak season

Everything is a lot cheaper during peak season. Unlike summer and other peak travel times, flights and hotel rooms are much less expensive. So if you don’t mind on not attending festivities then consider traveling on times that you can get the best deals.

3. Travel with a friend or partner

Like sharing an apartment, traveling with a partner can help you with the expenses. Meals, food and transportation cost may be the same but you’ll see the difference when it comes to accommodations.

4. Research on the cheapest places to travel

One of the best things you can do to save a lot in traveling is to know where you can spend less. There are a lot of places and countries to choose from.  But you need to be more practical if you’re budget can’t support a luxurious trip. So what I would suggest is for you to consult the web and select a cool but affordable destination.

5.  Bring important items

Do not forget to bring those important things that you can’t live without. If you leave without bringing those along, you might spend more if you buy those in a different place. Having a checklist of these important items would help you. Here are some of the things that might be of help while you are out hitting the roads:

  • Pen and paper
  • Personal Hygiene Stuffs (Toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, soap, towels)
  • Extra underwear and clothes
  • Can and bottle opener – A Swiss army knife is a great tool!
  • Mobile phones, camera, tab
  • Jackets, Sweaters, scarf (If you will visit a place during winter season)

6. Do not rush around

If you want to reduce costs, stop for a while, think and do not rush. This will help you to eliminate repeated transportation expenses and missing out some things that you need to do. Make a list of to-dos and schedule.

7. Choose a family-friendly hotel

Whether you are traveling alone, with a partner or a group, it is best to choose affordable family-friendly hotels. They have cheaper and bigger amenities and room area compared to others.

8. Use social networking for communication

Yes, you can bring your phone with a roaming service. The problem here is how much it would cost you if you keep on using it while outside the country? If your phone can access wifi services, then make use of Social Networking sites and other apps to communicate with friends and your family.

You also have to remember what your service provider has instructed you about using the service outside of the country. If you don’t want any complications with the bill, make sure that you have been informed and understand on how calls/data charging works.

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    Great tips! We always call our phone provider ahead of time to make sure we know the rules clearly before traveling.