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9 Benefits of Smiling and Laughing

9 Benefits of Smiling and Laughing Photo


Laughter is really the best medicine. It can cure a lot of physical and psychological problems without risks of side effects. What’s more, humor is free of charge!

If you still don’t believe the adage, read further and judge the idea yourself.

Makes you healthier overall

Smiling and laughing have several beneficial effects on the body. Researchers have found that people who smile more often are healthier compared to those who frown a lot.

Laughter relieves the body of physical stress and boosts the immune system. By decreasing stress hormones and increasing antibodies, a happy person has more resistance to diseases.

Laughter also promotes a healthy heart. Risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems are reduced by improving the blood flow in the vessels and avoid clotting.

Triggers the release of endorphins

Endorphins are the naturally produced “feel-good” chemicals in our bodies. They resemble opiates in their abilities to induce a feeling of well-being.

It’s like you ate a thousand chocolate bars without the risks of too much sugar intake.

Increases positivity

It helps you clear your mind. A happy person has a clearer mindset compare to one that feels like he/she carries the whole world in his/her shoulders.

It’s connected to the release of “feel-good” chemicals in the body. If you feel good yourself, you’ll have a positive outlook and a clearer mind to face problems at hand.

It gives a better perspective

Researchers found that our response to situations is altered by how we regard the scenario. There’s a big difference if we treat something as a threat or a challenge.

Humor gives us a more positive perspective and helps us view problems as “challenges,” which sounds more optimistic than a “threat.”

It’s a form of exercise

It’s easier to smile than to frown. Scientists have discovered that our facial muscles work extra hard and use more energy when frowning compared to smiling. This means that more muscles are stressed when we’re sad and this will show more as we age.

A good laugh exercises the diaphragm and works out the shoulders, leaving muscles more relaxed afterward. Do you know that laughing 100 times is equivalent to 10 minutes of workout on the rowing machine?

It makes you more sociable

A smiling person is more approachable and friendly than one who frowns a lot. It’s also easier to get along with someone who has a positive outlook and just laughs at his/her problems.

It’s obvious that it’s more fun to be with someone who laughs and smiles a lot compared to one who seem to bear a lot of problems. The positivity and stress-relieving encounters are more beneficial and uplifting compared to serious and depressing conversations.

It makes you more attractive

Smiling is a natural beauty enhancer and it is way better than make-up. How powerfully attractive can a simple smile be? It can launch a thousand ships, cause a war and trample a whole army.

It’s contagious

Smiling is simply contagious! People can’t help but get attracted to the positivity it brings. Imagine a world that is all smiles and laughter. It could change the whole and make it a better place for everybody.

You’ll live longer

A recent research published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, suggest that elderly who are optimistic are less likely to die than pessimists. People who expect good things to happen rather than bad ones have longer time enjoying life in this world. Among the 65-85 year-old participants, those with optimistic life views were 55 percent less likely to die than most pessimistic people.