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9 Cheap and Easy Christmas Gifts


The Christmas season is indeed faster than any occasions. Yesterday you are just planning of what gifts to buy and before you know it, it’s only a few days away. So what presents do you have in mind?

Are you in a tight budget but you are feeling bad to be the only one who won’t join the gift giving? Well, we’ve got some solutions for you. Not only that it is cheap but these are also fun to do.

1. Hand-made crafts

Accessories and other crafts made by your own hands are way cheaper than store bought ones. Alternatively, store bought crafts saves more of your time.  You can also buy accessories from different online stores like etsy.com.

2. Books

There are many garage sales and thrift stores who sell cheap and good books.  Some books only cost a few cents. You can also buy a lot of cheap books in eBay and Amazon.

3. Custom Christmas cards

This one never fails. It may be the cheapest gift but it is the most appreciated of all. You can buy a card from a bookstore and write your message or you can also start from scratch. You can buy cheap materials from bookstores or you can use handicraft materials.

4. Baked goods

There are a lot of recipes to choose from. Here are some baked goods that you can give as a present to your friends and loved ones:

  • Carrot cakes, banana cakes, chocolate cakes
  • Christmas cookies
  • Cupcakes and muffins
  • Croissant

You can bake these before Christmas Eve, place generous amounts on boxes or plastics and seal it with a ribbon. Remember, anything that is homemade will be appreciated as it will show your effort.

5. Gift cards

Gift cards are being sold by different establishments. It could be a coffee shop, from the spa, shopping centres or even beauty salons.  You can also shop for some gift cards online.

6. Treasure Boxes and stationery

A lot of thrift stores sell these kinds of stuffs for a very cheap price. Since garage sales and thrift stores have a vast collection of items, be careful and selective of products. Some of the products being sold tend to still look great even though it has been used already.

7. DVDs and audio books

There are a lot of cheap CD and DVD’s on different record bar’s bins. The only challenge here is, you should know if the intended receiver hasn’t watched or listened to the DVD yet. You can also investigate about their collections and their favourites to make sure that they will like what you have given them.

8) Picture frames

This is the easiest present to give on Christmas as it is cheap and comes in many designs.  To add uniqueness on the product, you can add pictures and attach notes to it. You can include messages and this will show the person how sentimental and how you value your relationships.

9) Gift baskets

Giving this kind of gift is fun as it can be customized to the recipient at a very little cost. The baskets can be purchased at some thrift or craft stores and add some things into it. You can add chocolates, cheap wine, pasta, canned goods and fruits. Just add a ribbon and a card then make somebody smile.

  • http://travelwisconsin.us TracyAnn0312

    Maybe if I have known these earlier, I will be able to give my family a wonderful yet cheap Christmas gift.