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9 Cheap Lunch Ideas

9 Cheap Lunch Ideas


For grownups and kids, opening that brown bag every lunch time can be a very exciting moment. Although this can be a stress for those who don’t prepare their own lunch. If you’re a mother or perhaps a wife who is thinking of cheap lunch ideas to slip into that brown bag, then you’re on the right article. Read along and discover affordable meal ideas for your husband and kids.

Low-Priced School Lunch For Kids

  • Pizza wraps: kids simply love eating cold pizzas. If you have leftovers from last night’s movie marathon family bonding then keeping it cold in the fridge is advisable. You can then pack it with ice in your child’s lunch box the next day to keep it cold.
  • Beef wrap sandwiches: don’t know what to do with the excess ground beef? Did you buy too much unintentionally? Worry no more because it can turn into an affordable lunch idea in no time. Simply wrap it in taco with rice and voila! Healthy beef taco off to school with your child. You can also use beef steak for this recipe.
  • Hot dog soup: come to think of it, who hates hot dog soup? Even grown ups love to dip their fingers in a bowl of this creamy, yummy and healthy soup. This will surely have your child asking for more.
  • Jelly and cream cheese sandwich: sandwich is one of the most common kinds of lunch, and this cream cheese and jelly sandwich is on top of the list. Instead of making it from ordinary and boring loaves, you may want to compliment it with rice cakes. Kids are always after flavorful bites and plain loaves may not give that.
  • Chicken Panini: chicken Panini is one of the healthiest lunches your kids will definitely love. There will be no “removing the green veggies” session because paninis tend to erase that with its scrumptious taste. Simply grill a couple of chicken panini and wrap it with foil to ensure that it’s still hot during your child’s lunch break.

Now For The Grown-Up’s Lunch

  • Turkey burger with spinach and feta: if pizzas can be transformed into cold pizzas, typical turkey burger can also be altered easily. Simply reheat it and add up some spinach and feta. Healthy for you and healthy for the leftovers – now you know what to do with leftover burgers.
  • Apple and cheddar sandwich – looking for a tangy taste? This apple and cheddar sandwich is perfect for you. It’s easy to make and will not ruin your grocery budget.
  • Balsamic tuna salad: yes I know, tuna can be pricey. But this is another perfect answer for leftovers. Tuna in flakes and oil is mouth-watering but balsamic tuna salad is more than that. Because it’s rich in omega3, which will make your heart healthier.
  • Black bean burrito: dealing with that Mexican taste craving will not be a problem anymore. Simply bring this black bean burrito and you’re good to go. It won’t take you 20 minutes to prepare a healthy lunch like this.

Whether that is a child’s lunch or a grown-up’s, preparing an affordable yet a healthy one is the primary choice of most mothers. Who wants to serve junk anyway? With this long menu, I bet your brain is now formulating more recipes.

  • http://add-vodka.com Daisy @ Add Vodka

    These are all great ideas. I am lucky in that I don’t eat meat, so it makes my grocery bill substantially lower than that of most other people.