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9 Cheap Renovation Ideas

9 Cheap Renovation Ideas Photo


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your house a face lift. There are simple and cheap ideas to revitalize your home and give it a new feel.


Revitalize the feel of your home by repainting the walls. Choose a color that looks lively and suitable for the season.

Adding minute wallpaper designs could liven up a room. You could also add a design of your choice by painting small and intricate patterns.

Recoloring the wall also has another purpose. It would also help in covering wall cracks and accumulated dirt that can’t be removed by scrubbing.


Possibly the cheapest way to renovate your home is by moving things around. A new look could be achieved without having to spend a good amount of money.

Do some exercise by experimenting on different arrangements you can think of. Try consulting magazines to give you new ideas on how to design your interior.


Add some fixtures to your ceiling to spice up the way bulbs are presented in your house. Put ornate lampshades in your bedroom or at a side table in the living room. You can also try changing the color of the light in specific parts of your house to suit the theme you wish to show.

Try also altering the way natural light enters a room. Put up some blinds or curtains to control the amount of light passing through the window.


Your lawn and garden also add value to your home. The refreshing green color could brighten things up in your lot. Trees could provide shade and they also make the air around more breathable.

Improve the façade of your home by planting some trees and growing flower-bearing plants. Self-help books could be of some use to aid you in getting your first seeds planted.

Change knobs and handles

The feeling that you’re holding something new gives a different kind of joy. That’s why replacing things as small as hinges and bolts could even affect the overall feel of the house.

Try changing the knobs on your doors and the handles of drawers and cabinets. The new look and feel these things bring could positively affect your outlook of the house.

Replace curtains and fabric covers

Change your old curtains with something more vibrant. Replace also bed sheets and throw pillow covers with a different design or kind of fabric to make them look new.

You could even set a theme and match all these things accordingly.

Add some decorations

Put some decors as you see fit. Hanging something as simple as wind chimes could be soothing to the eyes and ears.

Replace or rearrange paintings and picture frames hanging on your wall. Put down things that are out-of-date and replace it with something more fashionable.

Upgrade the flooring

Clean the floor and scrub the dirt off your flooring. Repair broken tiles and refinish wooden floors. If you have some more cash to spare, you can even change the design of selected tiles in your home.

Placing a carpet would also help in giving your floor a new look.

Organize things

Just arranging and organizing your things could make your home really refreshing to the eye. Create more space by removing unnecessary objects from your sight. Put similar things together for easier location.

Don’t be afraid to do some experimentation. You can try using something different for a bookshelf for example.

If things are in order, your mind will follow.