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9 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Oh to be in love but broke. Many couples are not lacking in ideas for grand gestures for their loved ones. Sometimes, it’s just hard to find the money to back it up.

Money is one of the main causes of friction in a marriage. In fact, a study conducted by American Express shows that over one third of all married couples cite finances as the most stressful part of a marriage, while intimacy comes at a very distant second at 11%.

Financial problems are a given in marriage, you did vow to stick to each other for richer or for poorer. But don’t let your lack of cash stop you from celebrating wedding milestones!

Read on to get a few ideas on how to keep the romance factor without falling into debt.

1. Recreate your first date

Nothing is funner for couples than to reminisce about the old days. Give your partner a chance to do a nostalgia trip by recreating one of your most unforgettable couple moments: your first date.

Eat at the same restaurant, rent the same movie you watched, and laugh at how awkward you were before. This is a surefire way to remind yourselves of how much you’ve grown as a couple.

Just make sure you get the details right. These are the things you should remember after all!

2. Have a stay-cation

The most important part about being a couple is enjoying each other’s company. But with your hectic work schedules, its almost impossible to get each other to sit down to eat a meal together. According the National Statistics Office, married couples only spend around 2 hours a day interacting with each other, including weekends!

Remedy the widening gap by surprising her by blocking a day out to just laze around in bed. Call in sick and inform her work mates ahead of time that your wife won’t be coming in either to save her from the hassle.

Serve her meals in bed, have a movie marathon and just relax together. This is a much needed break from all the stress of the outside world. It’s also a welcome reminder that whatever happens, you’ll always have each other.

3. Cook a candlelit dinner for two

It doesn’t even matter if you serve her eggs and grilled cheese. If you’re cooking for a woman, its always the thought that counts.

So cook up a storm, spruce up your place and prepare a nice table setting for two. To make it even more romantic, enlist the help of your friends to act as servers and musicians.

This is definitely more romantic than a swanky dinner reservation at an expensive restaurant. Plus you can linger over dinner (and drinks) for as long as you want.

4. Take over chores duty for a month (or more!)

Women are amazing creatures. They manage to cook, clean, take care of the baby, and go to work, all in one day! So do her a favor and take some of the weight off her shoulders.

While splurging on an extravagant present will keep her happy for a few days, chances are she’d appreciate a long term gift more.

So buy yourself a cookbook, learn a couple of recipes and valiantly offer to save her from cooking and dishes duty. Trust me, she’ll definitely feel like you’re her night in shining apron.

5. Enlist the help of her friends in a grand public gesture

Women will always have an affinity for grand gestures. Nothing is more romantic that having someone profess their love for you in public.

So gather up your friends and plot to make the day extra memorable for her. Have people give her gifts randomly, put posters about how much you love her in public places, the list goes on.

Then top it with a grand proposal…to embark in another year of marriage. Guaranteed “Awww” factor, diamond ring for the proposal is strictly optional of course.

6. Dig up relationship memorabilia and make a scrapbook!

This is especially relevant if you have a child on the way. Think of it as creating a story book for your kid to know how much mommy and daddy love each other.

Gather up those dusty boxes of love letters and pressed flowers and aim to document the length of your relationship. This is a surefire way to illicit a few laughs and a lot of romantic trips down memory lane.

As an added bonus, having a project together is great because you’re both invested in something. The feeling of fulfillment after the project is over can be celebrated together too!

7. Do a good deed together

Being a couple mean maturing in your interests. So this year, maybe you can share your collective love with someone or something else.

Volunteer to plant trees, build houses, or read books to children. There are countless of non profit organizations who will definitely appreciate your help.

This will also bring you closer as a couple because it will remind you both how great you are as a team. It will also remind you how lucky you both are to have each other.

8. Renew your vows

It doesn’t matter if this is your 3rd or 30th wedding anniversary. Send out invites and make a little get together out of it.

Consult with your local parish how to go about it, then plan a mini celebration after the renewal. It could be as simple as a couple of bottles of wine at your house with your best friends.

The best part is, after the celebration, both of your will be raring to recreate your honeymoon night too!

9. Have a road trip

Nothing rekindles the flame in a relationship than having an adventure together. So load up on gas, buy a map and go to someplace you’ve always wanted to visit together.

The long car ride will definitely be conducive for heart to heart conversations and a lot of bonding time as a couple. I assure you this is a great way to spend a weekend away from the city to celebrate your anniversary.

  • http://prairieecothrifter.com Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

    Great list. We have actually done a lot of these in the past. We have also taken advantage of coupon sites for excursion deals. Just this past summer we went ziplining. It was a blast.

  • http://www.clearphotography.co.uk Alison Macdonald@Clear

    A really good list – it just shows that expensive gifts and fancy meals don’t have to automatically be better. When they say it’s the thought that counts it’s true!

    Similarly in this recession we’re seeing smaller, more cozy wedding receptions and ceremonies – just close friends and small handmade decorations, and you know what? Like your list these are wonderful and FAR more personal than throwing tens of thousands of dollars at everything.

  • http://www.papachina.com/Travel-Items-Hand-Fans/c3968_4326/index.html Easton@Personalized Hand Fans

    Excellent tips Audrey. Celebrating wedding anniversary is now a days becoming costly and it takes a lot of time to organize. Thanks for posting these informative tips.


  • http://www.shadyslimo.com Jenny@Connecticut Limousine

    I have to agree with Easton, these are excellent tips and so helpful (and actually doable and real). People are spending a fortune on their wedding day, however being cost effective is so crucial. All of sudden you are like, “oh my god, how did I spend that much money?” Finding way to save on your special day is smart. Great job Aubrey.