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9 Suggestions to Improve Work Environment

9 Suggestions to Improve Work Environment PhotoAlmost a third of the day is spent in the office, making individuals boarders of their own homes. You work in the office and once you get home you go straight to sleep.

The length of time people stay in the office makes sense why they would want to make the place as comfortable as possible. No one wants to work in an unpleasant place for more than eight hours a day.

Making the environment as amicable as possible is the duty of every management. Here are a few tips on how to improve the work environment in your office.

1. Maintain cleanliness

This is basically applicable everywhere. No one would want to work in a place short of a dumpsite.

Maintain cleanliness all the time. Having a group of cleaners assigned for the day is a good idea. You’re working on that area for at least 8 hours a day, so might as well treat it like your second home.

2. Clear the clutter

What you see leaves a lot of impression on your mind, even if it was only for a short time. Seeing a room cluttered with various things could ruin your mood for work.

Clear out unnecessary objects occupying the work area. A disorganized workplace propagates laziness and amplifies bad moods. On the other hand, an organized place that is free of junk would look more spacious compared and encouraging to work on.

Put things back to where they belong. It would look more organized and it would be easier to locate things when needed.

3. Make it smell good

Even if a room looks clean, if it smells foul, then it’s no better.

Spraying deodorizers regularly help eliminate unwanted odors. Putting up air fresheners would also help in maintaining a pleasant odor in the area.

Waste materials, especially those that rot, release really bad odors if not properly disposed. Be sure that you have a proper waste disposal system to ensure good sanitary conditions in your work area.

4. Apply ergonomics

The overall arrangement of tables, chairs and shelves affect the visual impression it leaves on those who see it and work on it. Ergonomics involve the elements of space, visual presentation and comfort which should all be combined during planning.

Maximizing the potential of the workplace entices employees to also work the best they can. Everyone wants to work on an area that gives a friendly feeling.

5. Make your area appealing

Putting a few decors might help in making the workplace more appealing. Place neat ornaments suited for the environment or theme of the season.

Just remember to keep things simple. Too much decoration could be a source of distraction and could add to the clutter.

Allow the employees to personalize their work area but up to a limited extent only. After all, it’s a workplace and not a display rack.

6. Add some green

Plants add variation amidst the pool of electronics and furniture in the office. Green things could help soothe the mind during stressful times. Greenery also helps in alleviating eye strains caused by too much exposure to the computer.

7. Maintain optimal temperatures

Room temperature should be maintained accordingly. Ensuring employees get the proper ventilation is the obligation of every employer.

Some places have really cold temperatures that employees wear jackets to warm themselves. A cold environment doesn’t really entice quality work; nor one that is too hot and lacks sufficient ventilation.

Keep the thermostat of air-conditioners in the mid-level. The company would also save on electric consumption this way.

8. Invest in an office toy

All work and no play make Peter a dull boy. Contrary to being a workplace, there should be room for relaxation somewhere in the area.

Install a gaming system or a play area in your office. A place where there is no work involved could be the safe haven of your employees.

Playing refreshes the mind and body and also activates the brains creativity. Help employees have that eureka moment by allotting some room for recreation. A revitalized mind could produce an improved work quality and bring some amazing results never been expected before.

9. Keep communication lines open

Make them feel that they’re free to speak their mind anytime they want. Of course training them to be responsible for what they say is also important.

Comments and suggestions should be welcomed as they could help to further improve professional relationships in the office.

  • http://accountantsalaryinfo.com Leo@Click Here

    I think most of these are things that the individual can implement by himself. However, “applying ergonomics” is something that needs to be applied by the company in their choice of furniture.

  • http://movebigair.com/altra.html chad@hvls fan

    I agree, these are great tips that can mostly be done by yourself. It’s nice to know that we do have some control over our environment.