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9 Things to Do Without Spending Money

9 Things to Do Without Spending Money Photo


When boredom strikes, the first thing we do would be to call our friends, get the car keys, drive to the mall, shop, eat and shop some more. When faced with a situation like this, try to compute how much you’ve spent at the end of the day. You will surely be shocked at the amount you spent in just a couple of hours.

Well, you don’t have to spend a lump sum amount just to have some fun. In fact it can be found anywhere, anytime; it’s just in the matter of being creative and stepping out of the comfort zone. Whether you’re a teen or a working dad, there will always be fun activities for you. And take note, these activities won’t let you spend a single dime.

Activities For Teens

Coffee shop 101 – skip chatting with friends inexpensive coffee shops. Instead, why not make your own? Call over your best buddies and brew your own coffee. If you’re not sure how to do it then feel free to experiment. There’s nothing wrong in making mistakes as long as you don’t ruin mom’s coffee maker machine or mess up the kitchen.

Check the museum – you can also walk to the nearest museum and bring yourself into a new world. This is a perfect activity to overdose your brain and revive those worn out cells. Most museums have a day or two wherein it’s open for free.You never know, maybe today is your lucky day.

Get those creative juice swooshing – you don’t want to learn from museums and you’re not a coffee person. Perhaps this third tip will work for you. Raid your closet and gather all those unused clothes. Be creative and make your own bag from old jeans. Or come up with a new vest or a skirt from old clothes.

Have a frock swap - call up your buddies and let them bring over clothes they never used. Pile it all with your unused clothes and take turns in pulling one. You will surely get more clothes than when you’re at the mall. And best of all, this is free and full of surprises!

Learn to cook – if the coffee maker is not your friend, perhaps the oven can be. Try to learn baking cookies or making baked Mac. This will surely kill the boredom and the hunger!

Now For The Grownups

No matter how busy grownups are, there would still be those boring moments that would arise every now and then. Here are some tips to enforce that without making you pull your wallet.

Bike and be healthy – if you live in Manhattan, then most probably you’re living alone. Half of the people in that State lives by themselves. To aid that long weekend boredom, why not call your friends and bike along. You can also bring your dog with you.

Blog your way – sitting in front of the computer the entire day without being bored is possible. How? Through blogging of course! You don’t have to be a professional writer, you just have to know your hobbies and what you want to write.

Create your own recipes – you can also raid your fridge and formulate a new recipe. Or perhaps learn how to make that scrumptious meal your grandma has been making for years. You never know, perhaps you have a green thumb in cooking.

Movie making or perhaps video editing – this fun activity surely takes time. If you don’t know anything about movie making or photo editing then why not try it. All you need is a handy laptop and a good internet connection. You don’t have to spend even a single dollar.