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Advantages and Disadvantages of Goal Setting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Goal Setting PhotoAchieving and setting goals is one way to gauge both personal and professional development. Goal-setting could be an efficient motivator; however, there are disadvantages and advantages to it. Without appropriate planning, goal setting could be both a stepping stone and a stumbling block.


Goal setting is created to motivate an individual and help in increasing work performance. If the employee is involved in the process of setting goals, he or she will develop a personal motivation in the achievement of goals. Their emotional involvement then becomes a motivator and could help them reach their goals and success within the company.


In the year 1968, Dr. E. Locke was able to release a research referred to as the Theory of Task Incentive and Motivation. Here, he explained that vague goal setting could progress to poor work performance if to be compared to those that were set within the context of challenge. Goals which are not crafted properly could be demotivators. When then goal appears unspecific and easy, employees often think that it could not generate motivation in them.


An expert in the field once published that setting many goals could make an employee set his or her focus on the elements of achieving success. In order to reach a goal, you should state first your intention of dedication to your plans. Once the goal is set, a process will specifically be established so the employees have a guideline to follow. With a clear list of set goals as well as the process required to achieve all of them, a person will gain more focus on his or her efforts of reaching the elements of success; hence, achieving success.

Performance evaluation

Goals do not only assist an employee in gauging his or her progress, this also helps the management measure the employee’s development. A set of goals which is clearly defined could be utilized during the regular employee evaluation to track the changes made by the employee.

You have to keep the motivation burning. When you are experiencing boredom at work, then it may be necessary to modify the process of goal setting. This will tell you that you are deserving of having what you have just like the other person next to you. So set all of your goals, exert hard work, reach them, and make more goals. Always remember that you should only set goals which are achievable.

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