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Basic Guidelines to Becoming an Oil Rig Worker

Basic Guidelines to Becoming an Oil Rig Worker PhotoDo you have any plans to become an oil rig worker? You have found the right spot where you would find the exact guideline to successfully land the position.

In this article, the different things that a willing candidate must know about an oil rig worker will be discussed. It will start with the basic qualifications and dig deeper to more specific points to make you a competitive candidate for the position.

The qualifications 

Here are the first set of information that you should consider when you are planning to start your career as an oil rig worker.

  • Age matters in all types of profession. For you to be able to apply for an oil rig worker’s position, you need to be in 18 years old. No minors are going to be allowed to work in this kind of profession.
  • The regular days of work for an oil rig worker is 14-21 days, you must agree with this term.
  • The type of job requires night shift, you must be able to accept the time of duty the supervisor will be giving to you.
  • There are different rules that must be followed when you are going to work in an oil rig; some includes the prohibition to smoke and liquor. You should know how to follow rules.


When it comes to this type of job, there is no required educational attainment. However, there are trainings and certifications that will surely get you to the top of all the applicants. Here are the different certifications:

  • Basic Offshore Safety Instruction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
  • TWIC card


This does not only apply to this type of job, a person who is applying for any type of occupation must possess the different things enumerated below.

  • You must know the person who is going to be interviewing you and the person who will be receiving your application letter in order for you to know the right person to address.
  • Ask people who have been working in that company about the status of the job and the right thing to do in order to know the responsibilities and the kind of work-environment you will be having.
  • When you make your resume, make sure that you place the different characteristics that will qualify you. You also have to know the details about the company so that you can answer the questions during the interview.
  • Be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. You need to have a healthy body free from sickness and other infirmities that can hinder you from doing the job well. You should also be mature enough to handle responsibilities.

To get the job that you want, you need to prepare yourself. Applying for a job is like joining a battle; you need to be in a full battle gear for you to be able to win.